Obama- “The False Messaih”

Obama- “The False Messaih”

It seems that some have found a new “messiah”. His name is Obama. Every word that comes out of his mouth, is revered and clung to like a valuable stone. He gives hope to millions, and delivers nothing. Please forgive my sarcasm, as I am completely puzzled as to why so many can be so fooled.

It is plain, that he is a very smooth talker. He could charm most people, make them believe in things thought impossible. Why? because we all want to hope, and believe in something. The democrat’s have been looking for a savior for the past 8 years. Well, he has arrived.

Sound totally unbelievable? Of course it does, to anyone who has not fallen into his charms. Supporters of Obama turn a deaf ear to anything anti-Obama. They do not care to hear anything that may be reflected as “bad”.

The truth of the matter is, he is not what his supporters believe he is. No one man will step in and save the country. That is a fantasy, that cannot be. It takes much more than one person to do that. So even though he gives really great speeches, that’s all they are, speeches. Some may say, that supporters of Hillary, do the same. But there is one major difference. Hillary has a past, one we know alot about. We can see her record of what she has stood for.

But with Obama, what do we see? That he rarely ever voted on anything in the Senate. He either did not show up or, choose not to vote. How can anyone know what to expect, if there’s nothing to go on? Most supporters do not seem to care about it. They are all in “awe” of the new messiah. But at what price will this country pay? I very large one is my greatest fear.

So many are fooled by False “Messiah’s” . This has been happening since the beginning of time. I see no reason why it should stop now. But the stakes are much higher this time, as he could be the leader of the free world. God Help us all…………….

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