Just Another Empty Chair

Just Another Empty Seat….


Much like the empty suit Obama is, his chair is empty almost as much as it is filled.  It is a fact, that he has missed 45% of the votes, in short time in the Senate.  The video has covered the many Native American bills, he has missed.  Not to mention the countless others. 


Today, his chair was empty once again; here is what he missed just today..


It was called the Advancing America’s Priorities Act.

·                            The Emmitt Till Unsolved Crimes bill: Would help heal old wounds and solve crimes that have continued to be unsolved and unpunished since the Civil Rights era.

·                            The Runaway and Homeless Youth bill: Would provide grants for health care, education and workforce programs, and housing programs for runaways and homeless youth.

·                            The Combating Child Exploitation bill: Would provide grants to train law enforcement to use technology to track individuals who trade child pornography. Establishes an Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force within the Office of Justice Programs.

·                            The ALS Registry bill: Would create a centralized database to help doctors and scientists treat and hopefully find a cure for ALS/Lou Gehrig’s disease, which afflicts 5,600 Americans every year.

·                            The Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Act: Would enhance cooperation in research, rehabilitation and quality of life for people who suffer from paralysis. Not only will this bill accelerate the discovery of better treatments and cures, but help improve the daily lives of the two million Americans who await a cure.


But the good news is, that he did show up to introduce the Global Poverty Act, some time ago.  This bill passed and sent 48 Billion dollars overseas. Thanks to two other members of Congress, two billion went to Native Americans.  He also found time to speak to thousands overeas in large rallies, while ignoring our brave troops and wounded.


 Obama also voted against requiring medical care for aborted fetuses who survive. Some see this as a refusal to help the helpless.    He supported allowing retired police officers to carry concealed weapons, but opposed allowing people to use  handguns to defend against intruders in their homes.   He also opposed letting people use a self-defense argument if charged with violating local handgun bans by using weapons in their homes.  Below you will see that Obama favors helping criminals, but does not support our right to protect oursleves.


·  Unsuccessfully sponsored measure to expunge some criminal records and create an employment grant program for ex-criminals. (2002)

·  Unsuccessfully sponsored limit of one handgun purchase per month. (2000)

·  Voted against making gang members eligible for the death penalty if they kill someone to help their gang. (2001)


So, now we must all ask ourselves, after reading what he has and has not done.  It seems that Obama only votes on bills that he chooses.  The bills he has voted on show a clear indication, that he will support criminals, allow fetus to die, and ban handguns as a means of self defense.  Not to mention give our tax dollars overseas while some at home suffer.   The civil rights that he talks about so much, meant so little that he did not show up again today to vote on this bill.  


It is my belief this shows a lack of caring on the part of the Senator.  This appears to be a pattern, happening over and over.  His clear lack of caring for our Military, our poor, our native Community and our Constitutional rights; let us see beyond the hype.  


So, I must say again, Senator Obama your chair is empty

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