Veterans Issues

This is a letter for all to print and send out. For Generations, our veterans have been serving while the states illegal stole tax money from them. According to the soliders & sailors act, any Native Americans residing on a federal reservation before they were on active duty, were to be taxed according to the tribe. The state governements, withheld state tax, from ALL active duty members from 1939 until a few years ago. Millions are owed, and Millions don’t know it. Many are deceased, and the children and grandchildren are owed, what was stolen.

We are attempting to lobby for a federal bill, to return the funds to the service members. You can help by sending the following letter. If you are a former service member and lived on a reservation at the time of active duty, please conact us.

Dear Legislators:
I am the founder of Native Americans Rights Association. It has come to my attention that many of our former Service Members have been illegally taxed by their individual states. According to section 514 of the Soldiers & Sailors Civil Relief Act, Native Americans living on tribal land while on active duty should be taxed according to tribal law. Therefore, all service members, who were taxed from 1937 until 2001, were illegally taxed.
In the 108th Congress, a bill was introduced, H. R. 5275. This bill died in Congress, due to lack of support. Native American Rights Association are asking, on behalf of those service members, for you to introduce a bill. It is
our request that the bill, address the repayment of any and all service members who were illegally taxed. Furthermore, for all deceased service members, we request that their surviving family members receive the benefits

Due to a loophole in most state laws, there is a three year statue of limitations. So, these service members have not been able to receive any monies, from their individual states. That is why, we at Native Americans Rights Association, believe that it is the responsibility of the Untied States government, to repay these brave men and women.

Any consideration, of this matter would be greatly appreciated. Also, any assistance we can be, please feel free to let us know. Thank you for your time, and consideration in this matter. We at Native American Rights will lookforward to hearing from you soon.

Native Americans Rights Association

Debi Mcleod (founder)

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