Now terrorists swoon over Biden

Now terrorists swoon over Biden

Hamas says VP candidate will help Obama with ‘right policy’ for Middle East

Posted: October 19, 2008
10:39 pm Eastern



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JERUSALEM – In an exclusive interview tonight, a senior Hamas official heaped praise on Sen. Joe Biden, calling him a “very nice” person and a “great man” whose record “speaks volumes” and who can be counted on by the terror group to engage in the “right policy” toward the Middle East.

During the interview with WND’s Aaron Klein and WABC Radio’s John Batchelor, the Hamas figure also expressed hope regarding Sen. Barack Obama’s “vision for change,” announcing Hamas will send Obama a letter of congratulation “the moment he will win the election.” 

Ahmed Yousef, Hamas’ chief political adviser in the Gaza Strip, called Biden a “very prominent figure when it comes to the politics of the region.”

“I do believe Mr. Biden, he is well known, he is familiar with the situation here in Palestine. I think he is a very nice person. … Yes, he is well aware of the political situation here in Palestine, and I do believe he might do something to change the bad image about America and enhance that image,” Yousef said during the interview.

“His record speaks volumes. I do believe Mr. Biden is a great man. And we do count on him also as a good partner with Mr. Obama to put the right policy regarding how to handle the problems in the region.”

Speaking about Obama, Yousef commented that it’s “good for America to have a new administration with someone like Mr. Obama and his vision for a change.”

“I do believe actually with this administration, with the Bush administration we don’t have luck (ending Hamas’ isolation). …We as Palestinians are thinking that we might have better luck with a new administration, maybe, if Obama wins the election. I do believe he will change the American foreign policy … in the way they are handling the Middle East,” Yousef said.Asked by Klein if he thinks Obama will be victorious next month, Yousef replied, “Yeah, I do. I am like the rest of the people. I am look (sic) for what really these folks are talking about, and after this financial crisis I do believe that Obama’s chances [are] better than Mr. McCain. That’s why we count on this change in the American foreign policy to be more fair and impartial regarding the (Israeli-Palestinian) conflict, the way they look at the conflict and the way a new proposal or initiative may help solving the problem.”

Yousef exclaimed Hamas will “send [Obama] a congratulation letter the moment he will win the election, and we will try to explain in that letter what America should do to enhance their image in the region and to restore their leadership also in the region.”

Yousef continued he would invite both Obama and Sen. John McCain to meet with Hamas in Gaza.

Yousef said Hamas “is the best choice to bridge the gap between the East and the West, between the U.S. and the Islamic world.”

Commenting on a report yesterday that Hamas claimed it received a diplomatic message from U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice thanking the terror group for its efforts in maintaining a cease fire in the Gaza Strip, Yousef told Klein and Batchelor that both Democrats and Republicans recently reached out to his terror group.

“To be honest with you, yes there are also people from the Republicans, from the Bush administration, who contacted us and who behind the scenes they did some contact and some discussion with Hamas. It is not just members of the Democratic Party or figures from the Democratic Party,” Yousef said.

“It is also the Republicans also who sent a delegation to meet with Hamas in the West Bank and also in Gaza,” added Yousef.

The last time Yousef commented on the U.S. elections, also in an interview with WND, his comments fueled a firestorm of accusations in the presidential campaign.

In April, Yousef stated he “hopes” Obama becomes president and compared the Illinois senator to President John F. Kennedy.

“We like Mr. Obama, and we hope that he will win the election,” Yousef told WND.

“I hope Mr. Obama and the Democrats will change the political discourse. … I do believe [Obama] is like John Kennedy, a great man with a great principal. And he has a vision to change America to make it in a position to lead the world community, but not with humiliation and arrogance,” Yousef said, speaking from Gaza.

Sen. John McCain repeatedly used Yousef’s remarks to criticize Obama’s foreign policy.

Obama has condemned Hamas as a terror group that should be isolated until it recognizes Israel. He claimed McCain was using the Hamas comments as a “smear.”

Biden too has condemned Hamas. He has called himself “Zionist” and has been honored by several pro-Israel organizations.

Hamas’ official charter calls for the destruction of Israel and murder of Jews.



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