Is This Race-Still About Race?

Is This Race-Still About Race?

Today, as we await the results in West Virginia, many still have concerns about race. It has been said, that West Virgina is 95 % white. In the beginning of Obama’s campaign, I do not think that made alot of difference. However, today things are much different than they were a few months ago.

Michelle Obama’s statement, that she only discovered her “blackness” in college, clearly shows that the Obama’s identify with the black community. This is clear in the choice of a church, and her thesis she wrote in College. In her thesis, Michelle Obama concludes that, people stay in their comfort zone. In order to stay in a church for 20 years, this must have been the Obama’s comfort zone.

In return for this comfort zone, as Michelle calls it in her college thesis, America is segregated. But not by law, by choice. It makes things easier that way, white and blacks do not live together peaceful in the ghettos of Detroit. Many whites are just like Obama’s grandmother, they fear black men. And many blacks feel that America owes them more than what they currently have. So the race problem still exists, but on a much different scale than it did 50 years ago.

The Obama’s have tried to walk a very thin line, on one side the real black part of there life. On the other, a make believe “whiter” lifestyle. In order to achieve their goal, they needed the white voters. But in States like West Virginia, Penn. and Ohio, that did not happen. So, they did make a very good attempt to appeal to the white voters, there was only one problem, Rev. Wright.

So does that mean that the voters in those states are racist? I do not believe that they are. It only shows me that those blue collar, undereducated voters are not as dumb as Obama thinks. The did not vote for Obama because of his race, it is more because they simply don’t believe him.

Let’s face it, if Hillary attended a racist church for 20 years. Would anyone believe she was not a racist? Of course not, but there is a clear double standard when it comes to “white and black ” America. Hillary was criticized because she said that “white voters will vote for me”. This was a racist remark. But when anyone says that “black people vote for Obama” it is not considered racist. It is just considered a fact. Racism against whites does exist, only it is generally accepted and not highly publicized. Until Rev. Wright’s comments became public most people outside of the U.S. had no idea that blacks could also be racist.

Today, in America it is perfectly acceptable for sexism, to run rapid. But any comment, no matter how innocent is considered racist. Do not get me wrong I am not saying racism does not exist. It does, but sexism against women is a accepted fact in our society. Racism, is not. This is the double standard we live with.

So, why is there a double standard. The reasons are many, for a long time blacks in America were not treated very well. But history shows us that many other ethnic groups were also treated very badly. The main difference is culture, almost all other ethnic groups in the United States, blended into mainstream American culture.

Women, on the other hand, were accepted As long as they “knew there place” The right to vote, to hold public office and to obtain jobs, came much later in history for women than men, black or white. Women can be referred to as “hos”, and that is totally accepted in our society. But derogatory remarks toward any other group is not tolerated.

So, then we must ask ourselves, would a man be elected to office before a women? No matter what color the man’s skin is? The answer is yes, there are many that would not vote for a qualified candidate, depending on the gender. That is in fact, the painful truth of our society.

Other ethnic groups such as the Irish, Scottish, and Catholic have had a hard time adjusting. But white Americans, feel no guilt when it comes to past crimes against any other group. However, many white Americans feel that they have a obligation to treat black Americans better. And some black Americans, expect it.

So, we have become a society afraid to speak freely for fear of offending someone. On the other hand, abuse against women and ethnic groups can and will continue. This is a battle all women will continue to encounter for the rest of lives. There comes a time when as Americans, each and every one of us needs to look past gender, and race, and vote for the Best candidate. I believe this is what will happen in West Virgina today. I can only hope the superdelagates will see the same thing

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