Backpacks For Kids


Our long-range goal is to be able to give every child Reservations a new backpack and school supplies each year.

We really prefer monetary donations because we can purchase the backpacks and school supplies at a lower price through a distributor where we can get more for the money, but we are not picky – we wil be happy to accept donations of school supplies as well. We do ask that if you purchase supplies that you please only purchase items on this list so we can give each child the same set of supplies.  To make a donation, please see the link to the left of this page.

Giving a child on the Reservation school supplies not only provides them with much needed equipment for school but it gives them hope for a future. School Supply List

New backpacks in solid or neutral colors that can be used for either a boy or a girl (no character backpacks please)

Single subject notebooks

Bic or PaperMate stick pens (blue or black ink)


12 inch rulers (wood or plastic)

24 pack crayons

School glue (no glue sticks – they melt in transport)

2-pocket folders

Erasers (the big pink ones)

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