NARA- Native American Heritage Day

Update On South Dakota Snowstorm Relief

I just wanted to update everyone on our efferts.  The power is back on in most all areas.  Only the most remote is still in the dark.  However, the churches in the local area, who normally feed many people are almost empty.  Due to the crisis, it has consumed most of the supplies.  Many do not have kitchens facilites, and many rely on the churches for hot meals.

So, this week we have sent boxes of food and warm clothing.  This weekend it is our intention to send portable heaters.  NARA was told, that many love the heaters, as they save on propane.  So, for the next few days, we are launching “Heaters for Hope”.  We will be purchasing as many heaters as we possibly can.

The tempature is below 20 degrees most every night this weekend.  So, it is our goal to warm as many families as we can.  For the next three days, all donations will go to heaters. 

Please help us, to keep a family warm.  One heater costs 19.99 and about 10.00 for us to ship.  So, for 30.00 you could help keep a family warm.  This thanksgiving remember the Native Americans, it is because of them we have thanksgiving.


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