Women’s Issues

Dividied We Fall (Modern Suffrage Movement)


Today’s women’s movement, is small in comparison to the ones of the past. However, it is just as important today as it was 160 years ago, when women’s rights began.

It would not be possible for Hillary to be running for president, if not for the brave women who have come before us. Today as women, we face a challenge as large as any seen before.

The presidential campaign has brought the problems we face, as women, to the forefront. The mainstream media, focused on race, and very little on gender discrimination. So sexism, has been swept under the rug by the media, until recently. Sure, the media has mentioned sexism, but does not seem to think he has much to do with the election.

I happen to think that gender discrimination, has been prevalent all throughout this election. The cable news “cheerleaders” have been so caught up in the “idea” of a black candidate and a women, they failed to see the obvious.

Many times durning this campaign cycle, many reporters have asked, “would whites vote for a black candidate?”. Thus being the case, I have to wonder how many times did you see the question, “would men vote for a women?”

To be perfectly honest, I don’t recall every hearing that question. And why was that question not asked? The only conclusion I can come to, is that no one really wants to hear the answer.

Most people would agree, that even though Hillary Clinton is clearly more qualified, that doesn’t seem to matter to alot of voters. They turn a blind eye to the racism, the inexperience, and the complete lies told by the Obama’s.

For some reason, none of that matters. That reason, I believe is due to the fact that Hillary is a women. Superdelagates defect by the day, long time Clinton supporters switch sides. Why? For the very same reason, sexism. In this country this is not uncommon.

It would be wise to look at this issue from a historical perspective. In order to understand, how we got were we are today. The modern women’s suffrage movement, began much later than the Abolitionist movement. In the 1830’s the outcries began to be heard in regards to blacks in America. However, it was not until 1848 that the women’s movement began. And this was not due to any human rights issues. It was due to the determined women of the era.

The movement started with Elizabeth Cady Stanton using the Declaration of Independence as the framework for writing what she titled a “Declaration of Sentiments.” In what proved to be a brilliant move, Stanton connected the nascent campaign for women’s rights directly to that powerful American symbol of liberty. The same familiar words framed their arguments: “We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men and women are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Notice, that the word women, is inserted into the writing. There was also 18 grievances that the women stated. They are as follows:

1. Married women were legally dead in the eyes of the law
2. Women were not allowed to vote
3. Women had to submit to laws when they had no voice in their formation
4. Married women had no property rights
5. Husbands had legal power over and responsibility for their wives to the extent that they could 6. imprison or beat them with impunity
7. Divorce and child custody laws favored men, giving no rights to women
8. Women had to pay property taxes although they had no representation in the levying of these taxes
9. Most occupations were closed to women and when women did work they were paid only a fraction of what men earned
10 Women were not allowed to enter professions such as medicine or law
11 Women had no means to gain an education since no college or university would accept women students
12 With only a few exceptions, women were not allowed to participate in the affairs of the church
13 Women were robbed of their self-confidence and self-respect, and were made totally dependent on men

Today, we have overcome many, but some still remain. The fact that Hillary Clinton is by far the better candidate, holds much weight. However, in the broad scope of things we, as women would expect that any women must work harder to prove her worth in order to achieve the same goals as a any man black or white.

A great injustice has been done to all American women, and Hillary Clinton herself. That is what should be remembered from this campaign season. Not who won or lost, but the fight for equality. I would encourage the DNC to do the right thing and count the votes in MI and Fl. This would at least show that the DNC cares about the voters.

Women voters make up a large majority of the DNC. What will happen when all those women, vote for McCain or do not show up?

I would encourage all women to make a stand, and in November, if Hillary is not the nominee, then make your mark by voting for McCain. Do this as a protest to the DNC and their unfair treatment of Hillary Clinton……..

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