The Republican Party

John McCain Senate Bill S.1003-The Stealing Of Navajo Land

This story has been talked about alot online. I would like to address it with facts. Below are facts, not rumors. This new website has popped up, and is doing its best to divide Native Americans. Do not let this happen. This bill is about a land dispute between the Hopi and Navajo Tribes. It began long ago over 30 years ago. John McCain is simply trying get the tribes to settle this dispute. I want to be perfectly clear, I found no evidence that McCain, is trying to take anything away from anyone. I have read the bill, and it wants a compromise from both tribes. However, he did NOT over rule tribal government. I also want to say that Native Americans Against Obama endorses no candidate. We are here to give voters the facts, then make their own decision. If I had found John McCain at fault, I would say so.The Hopi Tribe of Arizona and the Navajo Nation are still at odds over legislation aimed at putting an end to their long-running land dispute. The Hopi Tribe supports S.1003, sponsored by Sen. John McCain (R-Arizonasponsored by Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona). It would require Navajo families who remain on Hopi land to relocate to Navajo land, or agree to Hopi jurisdiction if they decide not to move.


The Senate Indian Committee did take action on the issue and let the nation stand on the issue rule. McCain did not over rule tribal government sovereignty in this case.

While Senator McCain and Mr. Bavasi, Executive Director of the Office of Navajo Hopi Relocation, state that the program is “voluntary” and imply that no one has been forced to relocate, Hopi Chairman Wayne Taylor clearly and explicitly states his belief that a goal of this Senate bill is to finish the job of relocation. Mr. Tessler states that the Department of Interior is reluctant to forcibly remove and relocate Navajo.

Senator McCain asks for the opinion of President Shirley and Chairman Wayne Taylor regarding the Bennett Freeze. They say that an agreement has been reached, that it has been approved by the Hopi Tribal Council and that it is in front of the Navajo Nation council.Senator McCain and Roman Bitsuie and Denetsosie discuss expenditures for the Rehabilitation Trust Fund, problems with the Paragon ranch, and problems with funding for homes for Navajo on Hopi Partition Land.
The website below is set up and run by a big oil co. in Canada supported by others co.

Their using this intertribal issue to turn Indians against McCain because the Indian committee sided with the Navajo Nation over the other two tribal groups wanting to take and clam land.

Words from this website below:

USA is home to the indigenous communities of the Dineh (Navajo) and Hopi peoples.

Below are the Anti-Indian sponsors of the website above:

Advertising placements are paid through Bell NAC which is unaffiliated with CIPC.Legal and Liability Support supplied on a fee basis by which is unaffiliated with CIPC

This web site just popped up and is against McCain 100% for federal money!!! He wont give them!
Their not: affiliated together, but their all here together……..with a web page

Canadian International Petroleum Conference company

Their home page:

Bell NAC:
This website is backed by this company below, their Air-craft have killed to many U.S. Troops and they use our tax dollars trying to get our federal government to give them more billions of tax dollars to keep them going, their plains have been grounded many times because U.S. Troops were killed on them because they have to many flight problems that end in crashing and killing all on board.!!!

The ACSA: an organization devoted to bringing about a change for the better. We are the programmers, scientists, hardware designers, communications professionals, system engineers. Our mission: to improve the quality of life on Earth for all its peoples.

Their financed by the above companies wanting to take over OUR Land:
This web site is trying to play Indians against each other just like the Washington Lobbies
Jack Abramofff and all other lobbies in Washington, DC. today. Because Indians have land that has a ton of resources the world needs, but they don’t want Indian people to get a DIME for it!!
We need to see just how much money these company’s have already gave to Obama!!!

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