A Tribute To Vets

Native Americans Against Obama- A Tribute To Our Troops.


This video was made some time ago; it’s been more than a year since I posted it.  I have to say, I am against the War in Iraq, however, we are there, and now the problem is how to get out safely.   I support all of our troops, past and present, to this very day. 


Senator Obamas clear miss concern for our Service Members has never been clearer than it has these past few weeks.  The canceling of visits to wounded soldiers in Europe was totally unacceptable behavior of any U.S. Senator.  There have been many reports that he had no interest in our soldiers and veterans.   I find this to be true, he has been absent on a bill to aid Native American Veterans.  Not to mention the fact, he was more interested in speaking to large crowds in Germany, than talking to the wounded.


There has been a number of excuses form the Obama camp, stating why he canceled the visit.  At this point, does it really matter why?  The sad truth is, clearly the wounded are not one of his top priorities.  So, we have to ask, is this the kind of man we want to defend our country? 

I may not agree with everything John McCain has done, but I will not dismiss his service to this country.  It is clear that he loves and cares about the wounded, the same cannot be said of Obama.


It is my hope that all Americans look closely at the choice we all have in November.  This choice will affect all of us, all tribes and nations.   It will also affect all the men ad women, who are fighting for this country around the world.  Is it fair for us to choose someone who does not care about them?  


Native Americans Against Obama


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