Broken Promises

“Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweat Little Lies”

Chapter 2

Elections are won by broken promises, mindset of hope – that at least a little something will be changed in future to the better. People live for today and vote for tomorrow. During the pre-election campaign voters received just a sample of better things to come – universal heath care, an end to the war. However, if the elections promises stay true to history, voters will still be walking along damaged roads and darkened streets. Below are just a few examples from history.

1916- The Promise-Presidential Election He kept us out of war – Woodrow Wilson

Meant that United States had not been pulled in to World War I (yet) under Wilson.

The truth, we entered the war in 1917.

1928- Presidential Election- The Promise- A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage – Herbert Hoover

Claims that the everyone will be prosperous under a Hoover presidency.

1968- Presidential Election Richard Nixon promised to end the war in Vietnam.

The Truth-We all know that after that was the tet offensive and many other battles. This was clearly a statement to win.

Pelosi vowed that five-day workweeks would be a hallmark of a harder-working Democratic majority. So far, the House has logged only one. Lawmakers plan to clock three days this week.

The speaker has denied Republicans a vote on their proposals during congressional debates — a tactic she previously declared oppressive and promised to end. Pelosi has opened the floor to a Republican alternative just once.

The truth- is much darker, as the great depression started in 1929, under his administering.
2005: In Jackson Square, Bush Promised To The Meet The “Immediate Needs” Of Evacuees. In Jackson Square, Bush said, “Our first commitment is to meet the immediate needs of those who had to flee their homes and leave all their possessions behind.” He specifically referenced “broader assistance in the future.” He also pledged help with housing needs, saying that we’ll provide mobile homes, and supply them with basic services, as close to construction areas as possible, so the rebuilding process can go forward as quickly as possible.” Bush also said his goal was to “get people out of shelters by the middle of October.” [DEMOCRATIC PROMISE #77: Promptly Name Members to the Ethics PoolPromise: “At the beginning of a Congress, the Speaker or his designee and the Minority Leader or his designee each shall name 10 Members, Delegates, or the Resident Commissioner from his respective party who are not members of the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct to be available to serve on investigative subcommittees of that committee during that Congress.” – Democrats’ House Rules Package, Clause 5 of rule 10

Broken Promise: “Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has yet to name for this Congress the Democrats’ 10 member ‘ethics pool’ – the group of Members preselected by their respective party leaders to serve on investigative subcommittees as they are needed.” – “No Sign of Life in Jefferson Ethics Probe,” Roll Call, May 24, 2007

DEMOCRATIC PROMISE #33: Protect U.S. Ports Promise: “Immediately implement the recommendations of the independent, bipartisan 9/11 Commission including securing national borders, ports airports and mass transit systems.” – Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) “A New Direction for America,” Page 5

Broken Promise: According to the 9/11 Commission, “The small terrorist travel intelligence collection and analysis program currently in place [the anti-terror ATS-P terrorist screening program] has produced disproportionately useful results. It should be expanded.” But during consideration of the Homeland Security authorization bill in May, 160 House Democrats voted against a Republican proposal to give the Homeland Security Department the authority to continue utilizing the anti-terror ATS-P terrorist screening program. – Roll Call Vote #317, May 9, 2007

DEMOCRATIC PROMISE #43: Protect U.S. Borders Promise: “I believe there is virtually unanimous agreement in the Congress that we must secure our borders and know who is entering our country.” – Then-House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, Press Release, May 25, 2006

Promise: “Democrats are for the rule of law, we want to get border security right. . .We would do what’s necessary to protect our borders …” – Then-House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, Press Release, December 15, 2005

Broken Promise: Just six months after Democrats took power in the House, 214 House Democrats voted against a Republican proposal to “provide the funds necessary for the construction of at least two layers of reinforced fencing, the installation of additional physical barrier, roads, lighting, cameras, and sensors pursuant to section 102(b)(1) of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigration Responsibility Act of 1986…”

Bush’s Broken Promises

“He promised to ‘usher in an era of responsibility,’ but instead has presided over an era of fiscal and corporate irresponsibility.

“He promised everyone ‘an equal claim on this country’s promise,’ but instead has waged the most sustained assault on progressive taxation ever.

“He promised to ‘change the tone in Washington,’ but instead has taken partisanship to new heights.

“He promised ‘to confront problems, not pass them on to others,’ but instead has passed a greater financial burden onto future generations than has any administration in history.

“He promised a new Republican Party based on ‘compassionate conservatism,’ but instead has spurred his party to historic depths of corporate cronyism.

“He promised ‘to leave this nation greater than we found it,’ but instead is well on his way to placing America in greater peril, with more sworn enemies and fewer friends, than any time since the darkest moments of the Cold War.

“He promised to ‘uphold the honor and dignity or the office to which I have been elected,’ but instead time after time has been willing to say one thing and do another.”

So, historically this shows that for the most part promised are not kept. The promises of politicians seems to be a ploy to get votes. What every voter should examine is what this person has done in the past. By comparing past votes for or against issues, is much more telling. This will give us all, a much clearer picture of what to expect. In other words, actions speaks louder than words.

As a voter it is your responsibility to get informed, read up on all the issues important to you. You can find the voting record for Obama here.

Please note that on over 250 votes he did not vote. The reason being it was not politically good to do so. In other words, he did not want to take a stand on many issues. Thus, this could lead to more broken promises. If in fact he voted for a bill, then later criticized another about it, then it could be trouble.

This is another problem with our politicians, exspecailly if they are new. We do not have enough information to make a good decision.

There reasons we are lied to are simple, to get elected. So, with that in mind we as voters must make the best and safest choice as we possibly can. I suggest that every voter, get informed. Read and learn as much as possible, then ask yourself, is this person the best one for the job?

Would any hospital hire a doctor with no experience? Or a doctor who had only skipped his patients appointments? I think not, it almost sounds silly. We trust our Doctors because we have known them. We trust their judgement, based on the many times they have helped us or others in the past. Not on what they say, but what they have done.

So, I ask you, before you cast your next vote, remember those things. The person who will becomeCommander and Chief” holds all of America in their hands. Do you trust them?

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