The Needs of Women

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As Congress returns to Washington this week to address the nation’s worsening economic crisis, let’s make sure that the needs of women and families are not forgotten.
While the sky is apparently the limit when it comes to bailing out the financial industry, hard-pressed American families are being asked to wait until next year for solutions. A minority of Senators prevented the Senate from considering an economic recovery package in late September, and is threatening to do so again.
Tell your Senators that the needs of women and families hurt by this economic crisis can’t wait.
Hundreds of thousands of families are in immediate crisis, and states are already planning serious cuts to vital services. More than 1 million Americans will exhaust their unemployment benefits by the end of this year. And many women who lose their jobs won’t even be eligible for benefits.
Any economic recovery plan must address the needs of women and their families by:
  • Extending and expanding unemployment insurance benefits;
  • Preventing cuts in state and local services such as Medicaid, child care and Head Start, and child support enforcement;
  • Providing help for low-income individuals and families, such as increased food, energy, and housing assistance; and
  • Making needed investments that create jobs.
Corporate bail-outs are not enough. America’s families need support now. Please contact your Senators today.
Joan EntmacherSincerely,
Joan Entmacher
Vice President for Family Economic Security
National Women’s Law Center
P.S. We can’t wait until next year for an economic recovery plan that meets women’s needs. Write to your lawmakers today.

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