The Slow Death Of America

This post is in regard to many different issues.  Over the past few weeks, things have changed.  The change Obama has promised is slowing showing its ugly face accross the blogs.  That face is to silence freedom of speech and expression in America.  Out blog, reflections-in-tyme was silenced by Obma supporters.  We have moved, and this blog is overrun by hurtful racist remarks.  I have to moderate evey post, in order to stop the ugly words posted.  They have attempted to have our videos removed, shut down our blog.

It appears the 1st amendment only apples if you agree with Obama and his supporters.  To engage in a converstaion, is not a optician any longer. To point out things that you believe may be important to your people, is not considered.  Honestly, it is a triesless problem.  In order to dispute our claims, the Obama campaign and the supporters belief the best offence is to simply shut us up.

They do not care to address our issuses or concerns.  These supporters come from all walks of life and some within our own Native Communities.  This tells me they do not care about the issues facing the Native Community, they only care to cover up the myth that is Obama.

Native Americans lost everything and became a part of this country.  These people are now attempting to take away our constitutional rights, as well.   We all know freedowm of press, habis corpis and many other things have died.  What more will they take?  Or better yet, what more have we to give up?  

I speak as a Native American, but also as A  American.   I only wish to inform voters with the truth, nothing more.  As long as we true a blind eye to the issues , then we will continue to be blind.   The truth is what is is, and can not be masked in myths any longer.  It is my love for the people, that drives me.  I am sure many bloggers feel the same way.  How long will we let this continue?  Or should I say, how long will the haters continue?  It is they who harass, and call us names.  We speak the truth, and are martyrs for a cause we believe in.   So, we die a slow death, and the freedoms that caused the almost destruction of Native Americans are dieing with us….


  1. goesh said,

    November 20, 2008 at 4:55 pm

    Are they still hanging around the fort over at Indian Country Today?

  2. nativeamericanrights said,

    November 22, 2008 at 4:59 am

    I think so, worshiping thier new god.

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