The Democratic Party

A Party Coming Apart at the Seams……..

The stitches that hold the democratic party together are very fragile. Over the years, they have been pulled and stretched, many times breaking. But as Democrats, we have mended and patched the party back together many times. Thus, making the end result even stronger than before.

We have come to another time in history, when the party seems to be falling apart. The mainstream media seems to think this will pass, and all Democrats will come together in the end. But how soon is the end? Will this happen before November or after? That is the critical question. We only have to look back into our past, to see what the future may hold. This picture of the past, shows the consequences of division.

There have been at least two times in our nations history when this division has had dire consequences. Below are the examples:

The 1860 Election:

In 1860 the Democrats were unable to stop the election of Republican Abraham Lincoln, even as they feared his election would lead to the Civil War. The party split in two, with the northern wing nominating Douglas and the southern wing nominating Vice President John C. Breckinridge. Douglas campaigned across the country and came in second in the popular vote, but carried only Missouri. Breckinridge carried 11 slave states.

During the Civil War, Northern Democrats divided into two factions, the War Democrats, who supported the military policies of President Lincoln, and the Copperheads, who strongly opposed them.

The 1968 Election:

The reason for Humphrey’s convention victory was that a majority of the convention delegates were unelected, and it was these unelected delegates who determined the outcome. The result was a Democratic Party split asunder. This split between anti-Vietnam War Democrats and pro-Vietnam War Humphrey Democrats helped elect the 1968 Republican presidential candidate, Richard Nixon.

So, there is a possibility that it could happen again. The result being the election of John McCain. But is that such a bad thing? Some would say so, I happen to think that McCain is the lesser of two evils. With that said, I have to ask, which is better, a McCain presidency and a deadlocked democratic congress, or a Obama presidency and a democratic congress.

The later would cause change in America, however would it really be good change? If Obama is the nominee and is able to push all his ideas through congress easily, what would be the effects?

I fear they would be disastrous, for America as a whole. You have to remember, we have only statements to go on, to make this decision. Obama, has a small amount of experience and lots of speeches. Both Barrak and Michelle’s patriotism have been questioned. And at this time, I don’t think anyone is really sure what the truth is.

We can only draw from the books Obama has written and the company he keeps. If you take those into consideration, there appears to be a black cloud over the Illinois Senator. The question is, is there a silver lining under the cloud? And that being said, is it worth it to take such a chance?

I understand you cannot predict what someone may or may not do, however, consider the consequences. Do we really want someone who may be a racist in the white house? Do we want a first lady, who is only proud of America when it suits her? And last of all, do we really want a president who will only look out for the needs of the rich or the blacks in the white house?

I honestly don’t think as Americans, we do. At the very least, if Hillary is not the nominee, then John McCain is the lesser of the two evils. The main reason I say this is that we know exactly what to expect from McCain. And also we must have a democratic congress. This will cause endless deadlock in Washington. I am sure that John McCain would not agree with such a arrangement. But at least, his powers would be limited and held in check. A Obama presidency and a Democratic Congress would be a free for all.

A Clinton nominee would be the perfect answer, with a Democratic Congress. Everyone knows where Hillary stands, and I do not doubt, she would do what is good for the country, as a whole. Not just certain portions of the population. Obama has used his race as a catalyst, to propel himself into a favorable position. This has a all to familiar ring to it, does it? Below is a example of a opinion, that does ring true.

Obama claim to the American presidency, an entitlement felt by black voters out of historic injury and conceded by many white voters out of social guilt.To some Hispanics, the Obama candidacy is perceived as the presidential version of Affirmative Action, and like any government entitled program there is always someone benefiting at the expense of another. Women, the working class, seniors, the less influent and the typical white all to be sacrificed for the appeasement of the African American voters. Forget about experience, his weakness, his associates and his almost no chance of winning the election. Put all that aside and vote for him because “you owe him something”. John Kerry replied why Sen Obama would make a good candidate ” Hes Black” thats why Hes a black man how SAD

I do agree, it is a sad reality that being black is used in this way. However, in many cases in rings incredibly true. This only causes more resentment between the races. And that is something we do not need, as a nation.

Once all this is said and done, I believe 4 years from now, we as a party will come together and become stronger. But until then, the stitches are still coming apart at the seams………….

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