Not Ready to Make Nice?

Not Ready to Make Nice?

All across the airwaves and blogs, one theme is surfacing with a vengeance. There appears to be a war, between Obama and Clinton supporters. The majority of these voters are women, who refuse to vote for Obama. The mainstream media and some long time democrats, do not take their threats to “stay home or vote for McCain” seriously.
All across the nation small groups are forming. Groups dedicated to help NOT elect Barak Obama. Voters all across the nation are angry at the lack of help from the democratic party itself. It seems the term “sexism” doesn’t matter as much as “racism”. The media has helped create the first “black” candidate, all the while turning a blind eye to “sexism”.
Most of the “democrats” in the mainstream news, do not take the voters threats seriously. It has been said, more than once, that once we have a nominee, they will all vote for Obama. I beg to differ, there are many women, and more will surface, who will not vote for Obama.
I for one, will not under any circumstances vote for Obama. And I am sure there are millions just like me. There has been a clear, shift of super delagates and politicians that have shifted to Obama. I am sure it is their hope, that women voters will all fall in line. But many voters, see this as a betrayal to the Clinton’s.
Some members of the democratic party have made statements, regarding these women voters as traitors to their own party. Let me be clear, none of these voters are traitors, they have betrayed no one. However, many politicians and super delagates have betrayed their own party. They have done this by falling in line behind a candidate, who is clearly not ready for the job.
I know that there are many voters who are “not ready to make nice”, my estimate would be millions. Once this group comes together it will be a formidable force, against Obama. It is time that the democratic party and the mainstream media paid attention. These are not just idle threats from angry women voters. They will carry out the threats, and this time next year we all be referring to “President McCain”.
The Democratic party itself is at the heart of the problem. They are clearing encouraging a candidate, that is not electable in a general election. Many democrats have supported Obama, knowing the problems his candiancy entails. What they fail to realize is that, the Republicans and the swift boats will butcher Obama in any general election. If the votes of women, go to McCain or they simply stay home, Obama will lose.
And this, is the goal of the women voters who have been so unjusted called traitors. They will not support Obama as the nominee. The democtraic party needs to adress this problem. Up until now, the party itself has beleived the problem would just go away. And that the voters would simply vote for Obama, once he is the nominee. But, this is not the case, we are not just angry women, who will change our minds. We are smart educated voters, who have done reasearch on Barak Obama. Baised on what has been found, many of these voters feel he would be bad for the country as a whole.
So what could Obama or the party say to change our minds? The answer is “nothing”. If we do not like Obama now, what makes anyone think we will in the future?
His slick speeches, and promises of hope will not convince alot of voters. And those votes count to. Or at least they should. This is my call to the democtraic party, women voters will not stand for sexism any longer! Our time has come to be treated fairely and justly.
So, my question to you is, “Are You Ready to Make Nice”?

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