The War Within

There is a war withing the Democratic party, it is a war that most mainstream media refuses to believe exist I have heard many times from political analysis that this will go away. Many life long dem’s have been asked to get in line and follow Obama. All across the blogs, Obama supporters are attacking the Clinton supporters in hopes of getting them to “fall in line”. We have been called racist, stupid, hillbilly’s, and other names that are two offensive to mention.

The simple truth of the matter is, there has been a major defection from the democratic party. The reasons for the defection are many, the MI & Fl problem and the list of other problems with the candidate Obama have caused most of this.

The treatment of women, from the media and others has revived a new “suffrage movement”. This will be even more apparent, as the general election goes on. Many top officials state, that this defection will be temporary, I beg to differ. Many Clinton supporters would not even vote for Obama is Clinton is also on the ticket. This should be a sign to everyone that the divisions in the party are much deeper, than believed.

I for one, would not vote for Obama under any circumstances. And there are alot who agree with me. But is it enough to make a difference? I think it just might be. My reasoning for this belief is that if it will make no difference, then why are all the blogs getting attacked by Obama supporters, asking us to line up. If the dem’s truly do not need us, why are they out in full force?

It seems we Clinton supporters still need to be convinced that Obama is the savior of the country. So, in effect if we vote McCain we are disloyal to America. At least that’s the other side of the story. I am not disloyal, and most Clinton supporters who will not vote for Obama, have many reasons. None of them being about loyalty to the country.

In respect, we are more loyal than the average Obama supporter. We are Americans first and Democrats second. We will not blindly follow a leader, down any road. That kind of blindness can lead to destructive measures. This is a chance I do not wish to take. I will follow no leader blindly, because they have a (D) by their name.

There are still to many unanswered questions regarding Obama. I for one do not believe he could have went to Rev. Wrights church for 20 years, and not known what the man stood for. I also believe he has ties to rezco, and many other crooked politicians in Chicago. Not to even mention the fact, that Michelle thinks “America is mean”. Having her as first lady is a disgrace to this country. I cannot support anyone for president that hates America. Then there are the ties to the nation of Islam leader, along with the Palestinians. The list is so long, I do not have the space to go on.

The change issue is also one I dispute, Obama has failed to tell us how he will change this country. Hitler brought about change also, and look where that lead. Change is not always good, but to gamble on change without knowing what it may be, is like the blind leading the blind.

Many think by November we will change our mind, this is not a good gamble for Obama. Working class voters, women and many others have been deeply offended by this primary season. Most of these voters will not be back, you must remember that most of these voters are not ultra liberal. They represent the Conservative part of the Democratic party. John McCain leans more toward these voters than Obama.

The Rev. Wright scandal will also not go away, nor the statement that we cling to “guns & religion”. Since the Wright scandal, and the loss of Ohio, Obama has been slowing bleeding to death. The DNC refuses to see this, and blindly do not care. According to Obama, he will not court Hillary supporters. This leads us to believe he does not need us. Which gave John McCain a large opportunity, to hold out the olive branch.

Deserted and betrayed by our own party, most will gladly accept it. I know I did. It is still my hope, that on the floor of the convention, the DNC does the right thing. But, in the meantime, I will work and support John McCain. How many will join me?


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