Share the Wealth

Senate Bill 2 2731, introduced by Sentor Obama recently passed the Senate.   Obama & John McCain did not vote on this bill.  This bill passed by a majority of 80- 16 margin.  Obama drafted the bill, in hopes of sending billions overseas.  But it seems he must now share the wealth!

I commend Senator John Thune(R) from the state of South Dakota & Senator Jon Kyl (R) from the state of AZ.  If not for them every dime of the billions would be going overseas.  However, due to these two mens efferts, and the efferts of many Sentors, the bill has passed with at least part of the billions going to Native Americans.

This bill will cost the tax payers of 800 billion dollars!  Before the bill was admended, with a appriation of funds for Native Americans, I opposed this bill.  However, it is my feeling that the very least they can do is share some of the wealth with those you need it most. 

“It’s an embarrassment that we in the Congress are not able to meet these requirements for our own Native American population and yet we’re willing to spend $50 billion on this foreign aid program,” added Kyl, the second-ranking Republican in the Senate.

 Thune said his amendment addresses a wide range of law enforcement and justice issues. Half of the $1 billion will go to the Department of Justice for construction, rehabilitation and placement of detention facilities.

 Another 40 percent would go to the Bureau of Indian Affairs to fund law enforcement personnel and tribal courts. The remaining 10 percent of the $1 billion is dedicated to investigations and prosecutions by the FBI and U.S. Attorneys and for other justice efforts.

“Tribal, state, and federal leaders face a host of challenges in Indian Country, and many of them have roots in inadequate funding and infrastructure for law enforcement,” Thune said yesterday.

 One “conservative” Republican senator, John Thune of South Dakota, talked about how he managed to obtain $2 billion in the bill for “tribal needs” such as water projects and “public safety” on Indian reservations.

Granted 2 billion is not alot in comparison to the 50 billion, however at least some of the funds will go to Native American Needs.  This seems like a small victory in comparison to billions going overseas.  But I do commend the Senators efforts, regarding Native American Issues.  I am totally opposed to sending any funds overseas, when so many of our own people suffer, so greatly.  

I believe this money would be best spent in the United States.  However, wthout the efforts of these two men, all the funds would be spent outside our shores.  It is a disgrace that Senator Obama, would introduce such a bill.  Then not even bother to show up for the vote. 

This only furthers my belief, that Obama has no concern for Native Americans.   His only concern was to draft the bill, intended for overseas spending.  Then, once the bill was amended to alot funds to Americans, he did not show up.

This is a clear indication, where his loyalties lay.  Unfortunately it is not with Native Americans or Americans in general

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