Today America Died…

Tonight, America Died…….

Tonight, many  of us witnessed the death of America.  Freedom is now a memory of the past, a faded lighted forever silenced.  The voters of this country have finally accomplished what so many have tryed to destroy.  The poetic justice of the enitre thing is that, we have destoryed ourselves from within.  It was not a great nation, or terrorist that killed America.  it was us, the voter.   America stole the land from the Native American, now they have destroyed those who destroyed us.  Our group and website will continue until, we are silenced by the new Obama admistration.  I have to think, that should not take to long at all. 

Once our economy as we know it is gone, and our people starving, we will get the picture.  But for many who are worshipping the new “messiah”, I am sure they are happy.  But let this be a warning, as long as we still have free speech I will be here to speak.  I do not think the American people have any idea what they have done.  They will find out soon, when the second admendment are gone, when we can no longer speak freely, and when we all live in a socialist country. 

For those, I will be here to say I told you so……

This country was founded on freedoms, these will be no more.  Our lives will be forever chagned.  The Mayain people claimed the world would end in 2012, this may be possible.  Things are falling in place, and the world as we know it is forever changing. 

To the children of Isreal, complete the temple, he is here..

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