The Wright Effect-Race In America

The Wright Effect-Race In America



Racism in America, is a problem the entire world knows about. Just ask anyone from Europe, what Americans like? Most likely, the answer you will get would be we are racist. But until recently, racism amongst blacks did not surface worldwide. Few People outside of the States understands that racism works both ways.
To deny this is true, would be a injustice to the American people. The headlines in our newspapers usually state racism committed against blacks. However, the deep truth behind racism is that it is runs both ways, and is very deep.
Anyone hearing Rev. Wright’s remarks would be appalled, but possibly not surprised. I was not, I understand how things work in America. I do know, not all blacks are racist, just like not all white’s are. But there are groups that teach their children, from a very young age, to hate.
When I first heard the story of Rev. Wright, I reminded me of something that I experienced several years ago. And this story also convinced me that Obama


will be forever tied to Rev. Wright, by his own choice.



During the 1990’s my husband and I were musicians, and at the time in our lives, we wanted to seek out others with similar interests. We played in a small local band, and needed a good piano player. A mutual friend suggested someone.


A few days later, we got a call from a young man. He had been given our phone number from the friend. The young man offered to pick us up and drive us to his home. The young man wanted to play for us, and see if he was suited to our band. My husband and I thought nothing of it, and gladly accepted his invitation.


The young man showed up a few hours later, dressed in tan pants and a clean crisp white dress shirt. His hair was short and fair, he wore it in a military style cut. A very nice looking good old American boy. Or so we thought. We drove into what I refer to as a compound, that was the appearance of the home. It was large, and at one time had been a boy scout camp. The young man explained the history of the home, as we pulled into the drive.


I was beginning to feel very uneasy as we stepped out of the car. Glancing at my husband I was hoping he felt it to. But, to my surprise, he stepped out smiling and looking as though nothing was wrong.


Once we entered into the compound, I knew it was strange, but wasn’t really sure why. There were about 4 or 5 other men standing just inside the doorway. Extending there hands they all shook hands with us. These men all looked respectable enough, and all smiled widely as they introduced themselves.


I still couldn’t help wondering why these men all lived together in an old boy scout compound. One young man lead my husband to the large piano, and they sat down. Another young man stepped forward and offered to show me around. I accepted and followed him around the building. It did not take long for me to figure out just what was going on.


I was lead into a large kitchen, by large I mean like a kitchen in a school. Form there I was shown several rooms, that were apparently bedrooms. All had at least 5 to 6 sets of bunkbeds. In one of the rooms, the young man turned to me and said, “you know you should consider coming here and staying with us”. “You and your husband”. I must have had a very strange look on my face, because the man continued. ” You know you should be proud of your heritage, and your white skin”.


It was then that I knew, these men where white supremacist. Needless to say, we left right away. I made some excuse that I was feeling well, and wanted to go home. So, my point is that if Obama did not agree with Rev. Wright he would have left, not stayed 20 years.

If something offends you, you leave. Anyone does, just as I did all those years ago. You do not stay for 20 years, then pretend you did not know it. Mr. Obama, your chickens have come home to roost…….




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