Warriors Betrayed

Please pass this around, as it is important….  Below is a email that I recieved that goes with the video…

                                                                        Warriors  Betrayed                                                                     

We  We have all heard the stories of bravery and honor as we nodded our heads. We have all heard the stories of hardships,suffering and injustice as we shook our heads. This is a story of both.  My name is Richard and I am Prairie Band Potawatomi  but this story concerns all Native Americans who ever served in the United States armed forces.    We were unjustly and illegally taxed by our individual states while serving in uniform .I grew up in Kansas on the reservation and joined the army in 1981 when I was 20 years old.  I joined out of a sense of patriotism and pride in my country. Most of the adult men  and several women  in my family served in the armed forces.    When I joined the army it was my first real job including paying and filing taxes.I served my country 20 years and am a Gulf war veteran with a 60% disability rating from the VA. I retired September 1st 2001. Two years after I retired I found out that  myself and every other Native American who claimed the reservation as our homes when we joined  were illegally taxed.  In 2001 ,in keeping with tribal sovereignty, the policy of witholding state taxes from our military pay was changed. Although the  illegal taxation of Native service members  has stopped we have not yet received   our money back .        As a group Native Americans have served this country in greater numbers year after year than any other ethnic group in history.    Most or a majority  of them were undoubtedly  living on their reservation or other Indian lands when they joined and therefore not subject to state taxes.    We served honorably and some of us never came home. After learning of this illegal taxation I asked a friend to help write a petition in hopes of regaining the money  that was taken from us. I am not the only one. If I joined in 1981 and served 20 years and was taxed by my state the whole time.What about all the Native Peoples who served since WW1. I heard of the Native Reels Project and had this story to share

Sign the petition, PLEASE!!  http://www.petitiononline.com/NNAVA001/petition.html

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