The Pretender


First I would like to thank wildflowersandi who is a member of our Group Native Americans Against of Obama, for the use of her video.  I wanted to feature this video, because I believe it shows the truth about Obama.  He is nothing more than a showman. 

This video does not address specific Native American Issues, however it does show how he cannot be trusted.  Which is the topic I wish to address. 

 Trust is something the Native American community can relate to.  We have been lied to so many times, that we begin to expect it.  Now, a promise of hope and change, comes along.  This promise turns many heads, and makes some of us believe in something again. 

This is true not only of Native Americans, but for any people who are in desperate situations.  Many on the reservations have no running water, many Native American children go to bed hungry each night.  So, for people looking for hope, Obama is the answer. 

But, the problem is, he is not any different than those who have gone before him.  He is a politician who brings promises that he has no intention of keeping.  We have heard theses promises for so long, it amazes me that anyone could possibly believe them.  But the sad truth is, Obama knows our weakness and uses them against us.

This is the reason, he changes positions like the wind blows.  Whatever a person wants to hear that is his message.  He talks only to accomplish his goal.  Sound Familiar?  It should to any Native American.  How many treaties have we signed, only to be lied to?  In the end they got our land, our children, and our very lives.

How much more do we have to give before we see the truth?  Think before you vote.


Native Americans Against Obama

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