Because He’s Black

“Because He’s Black…



There are times, when stillness engulfs us, today is one of those days.  Maybe, it the reality that after almost 2 years, it is over.  To many of us, fairness and democracy have died.  It is a disappointing feeling, to know that women, gays and many other minorities were treated so unfairly this election season.  I suppose we all should be happy that we now how the first Black President.  But I see this through different eyes.   We have spent the past two years, watching the media fall down and almost worship Barrack Obama.  As, A woman and a minority, I find this very disheartening.  The degree of discrimination in this election was unprecedented.  And, I am saying this was Not Discrimination against Blacks.


Now, before everyone starts accusing me of being racist let me explain.  All members of the media, the Clintons and anyone who spoke about the election, tip toed around the subject.  No one, could even criticize Obama, without being called a racist.  Even people who had worked for Civil Rights, were not immune.  The Obama camp, even accused Bill Clinton of being a racist.  However, any mention that Obama, having attended Wrights church was considered racist.  It did not matter, if it were true. 


In this election, the pendulum of civil rights has swung, the opposite direction.  92% of Blacks voted for Obama.  This election, was not based on merit, it was based on race and gender.  Anyone who thinks otherwise, is either blind or a fool.  What has been almost totally ignored, and buried under the first “black president”, is the fact that qualified women were trampled on, in order to achieve this goal.  During this campaign season, I did research on the women’s movement.  I have to say, I was appalled at the treatment of them through the years.  As, A matter of fact, black men have faired much better in the last 130 years. 


The real second class citizens in this country are not blacks, they are women, gays, Native Americans and countless other minorities.  Let me explain, before every black person online starts calling me a racist.  The sad truth is that, I am sure discrimination of blacks exists.  But, what has happened over many years, is that racism has become the favorite word for anyone black to use as an excuse.  It is clearly overused, even if you have a valid point, as with Obama.  Anything negative is blamed on racism.  I have come to the conclusion that it does not matter, if he was not born in America.  “Because He’s Black”, we cannot dare question, his birth.  Thus, it would be considered racism.  However, 4 years ago, it was fine to question John McCain on his birth.  The reason is simply, “Because he’s white”, it ok.


Another good example of this double standard is Barney Frank.  Mr. Frank is a white man, but gay.   Recently, he appeared on Fox news and was interviewed by O’Reily.   It was a tough interview, and Bill accused Mr. Frank of many things including the Freddie and Fanny Mae mess.  It was a very heated exchange, and not once did I hear anyone say, “stop, wait, you are discriminating against me, because I am gay”.  Yet, any mention of Obama’s stance on Fannie and Freddie, was not talked about, for fear of racism.  John McCain’s camp clearly did not run TV ads, exposing Obama for his faults, out of this fear.


The “Because I’m Black”, excuse has been so overused in this country that it is now, common knowledge that it is fine to question the integrity of a woman, or gay person.  But it is not acceptable to ask that of a Black person.  This has affected the outcome of this election, have no doubt.  For example, many found it fine, to call Hillary Clinton a Bitch, or hang A Sarah Palin effigy from a noose in California.  This even attracted large crowds to see the spectacle. However, an effigy of Obama was hung, and the men arrested.  So, now tell me who are really the second class citizens?  


This sends a message to every American, that the color of your skin, does mean you are treated differently.  And, it’s not always a bad thing depending on who you are.  I have no doubt, that not all take advantage of this, but many do.  It is something that has been going on, in our society for a long time.  This election clearly shows everyone the true America.  Many say the best, but I have to disagree.  I think we should pick a president, based on his or her qualifications.  Thus, stopping the “Because he’s black” syndrome in its tracks. 


So, now that we have a Black President, what will change?  Much I am sure, but most importantly, free speech.  The news media, criticized President Bush, for years. Not once did we hear, “You can’t criticize Bush, Cause he’s White, You’re a Racist”!  However, I am sure speaking out against Obama, will not be tolerated by the new administration.  Just this past week, reporters were thrown off his plane, due to not endorsing him. The excuse for any negative remarks, will always be “Because he is black”, anything we say will be racist. 


At the very least, the Rev. Wright ordeal, showed truly how racist & sexist many are.  And the truth is, not all racist are white.  Now, let all hope and pray, that Obama will be a good president.  Why?


Because He’s Black….




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