The Right Kind Of Change

America’s tragic history requires action; those words were spoken by Obama today.  Never has a statement been more true.  It is a rare occasion that anything Obama says, I agree with.  However, I must point out, that my perception of the meaning of those words are quite different than the Senators.   


I am sure from the point of view of Obama; he is referring to African Americans.  I base this belief on his time in Rev. Wright’s church.  I am aware, that some out there will begin, screaming racism.  However, that is not the case.  The influence of Black churches on the patriots cannot be ignored.  The paragraph below are taken directly from the churches website.

The Pastor as well as the membership of Trinity United Church of Christ is committed to a 10-point Vision:

1.      A congregation committed to ADORATION.

2.      A congregation preaching SALVATION.

3.      A congregation actively seeking RECONCILIATION.

4.      A congregation with a non-negotiable COMMITMENT TO AFRICA.

5.      A congregation committed to BIBLICAL EDUCATION.

6.      A congregation committed to CULTURAL EDUCATION.

7.      A congregation committed to the HISTORICAL EDUCATION OF AFRICAN PEOPLE IN DIASPORA.

8.      A congregation committed to LIBERATION.

9.      A congregation committed to RESTORATION.

10.  A congregation working towards ECONOMIC PARITY.


Barrack Obama’s former pastor not only spews anti-American rhetoric from the pulpit but favors shaking down U.S. taxpayers for “reparations” for slavery. The Reverend Dr. Jeremiah Wright was the keynote speaker at the 2007 annual conference of N’COBRA, which stands for the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America.

Wright’s talk, “A Call for Justice and Repair,” followed a statement in which he declared that “The Biblical principle of true repentance is that the offended party is given compensation to make up for that which has been stolen from them, the losses that have been inflicted upon them and their families.”

A reparations plan for blacks could extract several trillion dollars from American taxpayers’ pockets.

By now we have all heard Rev. Wright’s sermons, and although Obama has thrown him under the bus, there are some things that should be pointed out.  The statement that America’s tragic history requires action has a meaning.  If you tie the statement into Black Theology, you begin to understand exactly who will benefit from this action. 


I do not dispute that African Americans were treated badly.  However, many other ethnic groups have also been treated badly.  Over the course of the history of this nation, the Catholics, the Irish, the Mexican and many other groups have been treated poorly.  But, Obama’s statement is clearly one much closer to his own heart.  This provides us a glimpse of the kind of man he truly is. 


Native American’s know firsthand just how bad things were and still are.  Our people have been murdered, our children taken, and many of our people displaced.  We were driven off our land, and marched thousands of miles to worthless land.  The key question is, will Obama help all people that were wronged?  I have my doubts, based on his past experience. 


In his book, Faith of my fathers, it is clear where his loyalties lay.   One only has to read it, to understand that he is more align with the African American Community than the rest of America.  So, that leaves out much of the country.  His clear pandering of the vote, from Native Americans and the leaders shows us that he says one thing and does another.  For anyone who has a doubt, read his book and Michelle’s Thesis.  You can find the links to those on the right side of this screen.


The false perception, that the media and Obama himself portrayed are merely an illusion.  The Obama camp, have stated during the primary, they would meet with Tribal Leaders.  As of this date, no commitment has come from the Obama camp, for any such meeting.  They also agreed during the primary, to meet with troops in Texas, and again, no commitment has been made by the Obama camp. 


I encourage all to read and learn as much as you can, before you vote.  This election could change the course of this country and all peoples.  But please ask yourself, is this the right kind of change

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