Is there or isn’t there a tape

Is There Or Isn’t There A Tape?

Most of us have heard of the now “infamous” Michelle Obama tape. The question of the existence of this tape, is one that is talked about all over the blogs. The reality of the situation is does it really matter? After viewing the Rev. Wright and his friend, the kindly Priest, does it really matter? It is apparent to me, that if anyone sat in those pews for 20 years they have to know and share the same views. No one would sit there for 20 years and not agree.

To believe that Obama did not know about the views of the church is just as absurd as a Catholic saying they did not know the church believed in the virgin birth! However, after all the scandals, the DNC and the Obama followers, still refuse to believe the truth. They have hung the entire future of our country on a “hope”.

I have to admit today, that after the events of last night, I am truly afraid for our country. My fears are not unfounded. You see, if the MO tape exists, it does not matter. It is evident that Mrs. Obama shares the beliefs of Trinity Church. The idea of raising two very young girls in a envoirment that is filled with hate, is beyond belief. This also verifies the fact, that if a tape does or does not exists, makes no difference. You, as a American, must ask yourself, would you let your young children, listen to Rev. Wright? Or would you take your children to a KKK rally? You see, there is no difference, hates is hate, no matter what color your skin is.

So, knowing all that has been proven, how can anyone support Obama? The answer to this is very clear. There are alot of people, who refuse to believe the truth, in “hopes” of Obama saving them. But to look further into this we must look at the last few months. Since the Rev. Wright scandal began, Obama’s numbers have fallen. Hillary has continued to win in large numbers. Mr. Obama clearly has a problem with the “middle class vote”. This is a voter block he has lost, and is not likely to turn around.

So if a tape really does exist, what more harm could it do? It will not sway his supporters, and the DNC will not turn against him. Some think the tape would ruin his chances, I don’t think so. Let me explain myself, the supporters of Obama, and the media are so enthralled with the “idea” of a black candidate, that nothing else matters. Most of the mainstream media, have become so biased that it is apparent, that Obama is like Teflon don.

The Rev. Wright scandal would have ruined most politicians. Think about this, what if John McCain went to Hagee’s church for over twenty years? I believe he would not be the nominee if that was the case. The media, and the Obama supporters, have trampled all over Hillary to get to were they are. The leaders of the DNC will do anything to get Obama this nomination. This includes giving Obama delegates from a state where he name was not even on the ballet.

So, if they will go to such extremes, then this tape will mean nothing to them. After all that has been done to secure this nomination, how can the leaders of the party, admit they were wrong? I don’t believe they will. If the tape comes out, then the DNC and the Obama supporters will find some way to explain it. They will argue that, Michelle has “changed” and does not believe that anymore. So the release of this tape will not make them “see the light”. By now most people have formed a opinion, and this tape will change no ones mind.

As I write this, the speaker of the house is pressuring Hillary to end this race. She is also pressuring the super delegates to decide now. Why the rush? That’s apparent also, that the faster this can be done, the faster they can cover their tracks. Hopefully, sweeping all that has happened under the rug, so it can be forgotten.

I do not and cannot accept that all can be forgiven or forgotten so easily by the American people. A great injustice has been done, unlike any other in history. This injustice is enough to shake this country to the core. It infringes on our rights as Americans. The stolen votes, the backroom deals and the “making of a candidate” have driven us all to division. I fear this is a division that will not heal easily.

So, will the tape make any difference? I doubt it. The decision, has already and will be in November who to vote for? The popular vote is clear, and it is not Obama. Each scandal between now and the election, will only take a few more votes from the Obama campaign. There has been a significant drop off in support, in states like WV, KY and Ohio and PA. This will continue with each scandal that surrounds the senator. So, in the end, the damage has been done, even without a Michelle “whitey” tape.

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