The Obama Files

The Real Obama “It’s All In Black & White”

Today, I decided to do what alot of Democrats have not done. Many are voting for Obama without even knowing him. So, today I read his book Dreams from my Father. I thought this might give me some insight into the mind of Obama. I have to say it held no big surprises, it was just what I expected. The book is filled with racist remarks, and tells the life of the Illinois’s Senator.




It clearly shows a young man, who really is not very sure of himself. I would encourage all to read it,to see the true man. Once I reached midway, I have to say I felt like it was very repetitive. It is clear Obama did try to help the people of Chicago. However, he was selective of the neighborhoods he helped. The Senator’s focus was on the black community, period.



Whites are only mentioned, if they helped his cause, or in a derogatory manner. The Rev. Wright is also mentioned, and how Obama came to become part of the congregation. After reading this book, I do understand why it took so long for Obama to denounce Rev. Wright. The remarks made by Wright, were something Obama had heard many times in his life. Never one time coming to the defence of anyone outside of his race.
The books shows a clear indication why Rev. Wright remarks did not seem to bother Obama, and explains how he could have stayed in the church for 20 years. The message Rev. Wright was teaching, was common in Obama’s life. Alot of his college friends shared those very same views. Upon reading the book, I concluded that Obama was ashamed of his white heritage. His grandfather in Kenya, and even bigger racist.



Much time is spent on his visit to Africa, where he seems to feel more comfortable than in the U.S. There is no evidence that his family was ever “poor”. As he has indicated, he was sent to all the best prep-schools and enjoyed every benefit of the American dream.



It was not until College that Obama even began to understand the poor. Then I am not sure if he understands them, or just wants the glory of helping them.



This book offers a glimpse of the life of the Senator. There appears to be nothing that would qualify him to be the leader of the free world. It shows no accomplishments that would make a person believe, that he was destined to be a world leader.



In other words, the entire books is about the racism blacks have against whites, and his trip to Africa. I have included a link to read the book, and I encourage everyone to do so.



Below are some examples, from the test. Once you read the book it is clear, this is not a amn who needs to be in charge of the free world.
You may be the judge of the words……….








As a result, some people have a hard time taking me at face value. When people don’t know me well, black or white, discover my background(and usually it is a discovery, for I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of twelve or thirteen.




To be black was to be the beneficiary of a great inheritance, a special destiny, glorious burdens that only we were strong enough to bear.




Our rage at the white world needed no object,no independent confirmation, it could be switched on and off at our pleasure.




There were enough of us on campus to constitute a tribe, and when it came to hanging out many of us chose to function like a tribe, staying close together, running in packs.




Pretty words don’t make it so. So why do I pretend otherwise?. I’ll tell you why. Because I like the applause,. It gives me a nice, cheap thrill.




Then Barracks father, your grandfather Hussein-wrote gramps this long nasty letter saying he did not approve of the marriage. He didn’t want the Obama blook sullied by a white women, he said.




A study attack on the white race, the constant recitation of black people’s brutal experience in this country, served as the ballast that could prevent the ideas of personal in this country, of personal and communal responsibility from tipping into an ocean of despair. Yes, the nationalist would say whites are responsible for your sorry state, not any inherent flaws in you. In fact, whites are so heartless and devious that we can no longer expect anything from the, The self-loathing you feel, what keeps you drinking or thieving, is planted by them, Rid them of you mind and find your true power liberated. Rise up, ye mighty race!





Dreams from my father. Barrak Obama.



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