The New Democratic Party

Ok, so I know the video is long.  Do not let that scare you, for those who hit the stop button, go back up and play it.  Its well worth it.  As many of you know, I have done alot of research on the democratic party, and the suffrage movement.  You also know I am a third generation democrat. 

Most of us, for the past few months, have stood around with our arms in the air, saying “but, I am liberal so why are the obots not like me?”  The times I have heard, you can’t talk to Obama supporters, because its always about race, are to numerous to count. We have over the past few months, wondered why they don’t see what we clearly see. 

I do have some favorite words, from this video, you can read them below:

When I was five years old, the New York World’s Fair closed up in my neighborhood, down the street from me, and I insisted that my father buy the monorail that went around the park because I want­ed to put it up alongside the Long Island Express­way and ease congestion and pollution because I was a liberal kid. He explained to me in grown-up fashion that we couldn’t afford it and, technically, there were problems like getting the rights of way, creating a bureaucracy, etc.

When you have a conversation with a Modern Liberal about health care, there’s no doubt that their goal is as good as mine was: curing air pollu­tion or curing everybody’shealth problems. But if you don’t have the grown-up sense to be able to discuss how, what’s the reality, what’s the truth, you can’t have a conversation where you make the world a better place. It’s all fantasy at that point. Again, you’re dealing with a five-year-old, so of course she wants to make the world a better place. Very, very few of us don’t.

It’s a matter of having given up the ability to dis­criminate: (a) they can’t bring it about because it’s a childish conversation; and (b) when you have to make the decisions about who gets certain things– for example, health care, welfare, or illegal aliens– certain decisions have to be made about who quali­fies for it, and when you’re just going through indis­criminately giving all these benefits, then you’re actually going to be assisting that which is most failed because they’re the ones who are going to be most in need.

What you have is people who think that the best way to eliminate rational thought, the best way to eliminate the attempt to be right, is to work always to prove that right isn’t right and to prove that wrong isn’t wrong. You see this in John Lennon’s song “Imagine”: “Imagine there’s no countries.” Not imagine great countries, not imagine defeat the Nazis, but imagine no religions, and the key line is imagine a time when anything and everything that mankind values is devalued to the point where there’s nothing left to kill or die for.

So, my summary, after watching the video, and reading the transcript at least three times, is as follows:

We are what used to be the party, they are the future. Unless, we find a way to change it.  I still consider myself a liberal democrat, because I am, in every sence of the word.  True Liberals founded this country, Jefferson, Washington and all the others.  The difference is, we like those before us, were and are realist.  We understand, that even though we have liberal ideas, there has to be a means to accomplish them.  In other words, we have a plan, not just “hope”. 

That plan, includes knowing what is right and what is wrong, and that not everything about this country is evil.  I choose not to blame others for the wrong in my life.  I still believe in free speech, free press and the Constitution, even though the far left have abused it so badly. Even though I am a liberal, like you, I love my country.

So, where does this leave us, the base of the party?  We now must choose between the three headed monster, (the republicans).  Or what is left of our own.  To be honest, after all that I have found, those three headed Republicans look better and better every day. 

We must also consider taking back what is ours, the democratic party.  The corruption of the new “hopey changy”, party, runs so deep I am not sure we will ever know how many are really involved.  If this is indeed the case, we as democrats, must clean house. 

I understand that throwing the baby out with the bathwater, is not always what is best.  However, if we want our party back this is what we must do.  I understand there are still good dems out there, but, its like looking for a needle in a haystack. 

So, this time, the needs of the many out weight the needs of the few.  To save our party and country, we must vote a straight Republican ticket.  I understand how hard this is for everyone, but we must hold our noses and do it.   There are 48 days till the general, and we do not have time to educate all voters, in regard to who holds these far left beliefs. This is far beyond just Hillary anymore, and if we want to save our party, we must do this.

Once our house is clean, we can begin again………


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