The Making Of A President (Maybe) ?

The Making Of A President (Maybe) ?

Up until a few months ago, I would never have believed that a president of the United States could be made, or created,so to speak. The illusion of who Barak Obama is, and has been, was entirely created. Created out of the minds of our Media, and by speeches with no substance.

This illusion of a “black savior” , was created and molded into some short of “savior” for the United States. The idea that one man, black or white could bring about such change is unbelievable. News commentators all across the airwaves, have outwardly endorsed this candidate. They have done this, to such an extent, that they may as well put on cheerleaders outfits and wave pom-poms.

In the early days of the campaign, it became apparent just how biased they were. Even highly regarded news agencies, like msn, msnbc and cnn jumped on the band wagon. The strangest of all is that fox, seemed to be the kindest to the Clinton campaign, and the most outspoken about Obama. Needless to say fox news has over the years, been highly criticized for its anti-democratic views.

So, my question is, can the media really create a president. The answer is simple, “yes they can”.

But, lets look at how it happened. There is no easy explanation for such a act by the media. It all began months ago, when Obama dramatically announced his candidacy. His speech, made from the very same steps were Abraham Lincoln once stood. This was a made for television moment. The theatrics of it demanded, and enticed every newscaster across the nation. Lets face it, all newspaper men are alike, dying for the next big story. Obama gave it to them that day.

In the beginning, he was a fresh new candidate,and it was very easy for alot of people to get caught up in the frenzy. His inspiring speeches and words of hope were encouraging to many. The camera loved him, and so did the newscasters. The “idea” of a first black president made the story even more inticing.

And so began the love affair between the media and Barak Obama. This has been referred to as a “historic” campaign. The most historic part of it all, is the media has attempted to create a president. But to their misfortune, the road has not been as smooth as they anticipated.

Many critics of the mainstream media, began to point out that Obama was getting a free pass. Not asked tough questions, by mainstream media. After watching just a few minutes of msbc, it was plain. The critics were right, Obama was handled as if he were a national treasure, a savior for our nation. The big question I asked myself is “Why?” It appeared to me, that in fear of being called a racist, the newscasters choose their words very carefully.

It did not take long for alot of voters to see through the illusion that is Barak Obama. Under criticism, the mainstream media had to begin to take a closer look at him. Thus, exposing many faults and weakness, never before discovered. Some of the weakness were quite troubling to alot of Americans. But was it a little to late? I happen to think so, by the time the media began to get tough on Obama, many had already made up their mind. Many states had already voted. Now the media, had a big problem, it appeared as though they were caught in the middle of this mess.

It is my thought that the media got caught up int he rhetoric, and the excitement of the moment. Like cheerleaders for a team playing in the superbowl, they were swept away. Once their excitement wore off, they knew they had problems. Many viewers expressed concern to the major networks, which I am sure fell to deaf ears. But the strangest thing of all, is that now, democrats are watching fox news!

The cheerleaders go on, day by day still trying to make their case. Clinging to the last hope that the “national treasure ” will save America. More and more politicians and Super Delegates endorse Obama by the day. Hoping for a job, in his administration. Or some cable tv time, maybe a little exposure.

Betraying the Clinton’s means nothing, when you think you get achieve personal gain. Long time friends of the Clinton’s have turned their back on the Former President and the First Lady. Ted Kennedy, Bill Richardson,George McGovern and John Edwards have been a big disappoint to the Clinton supporters. As I see it, they also have let down the entire party. Selling their very souls, to achieve personal goals.

Many have voiced strong opinions, against Hillary finishing the race. Some others have indicated that she would not even be a good VP. It seems personal attaches appear to be fine, as long as they are not meant for Obama. Hillary supporters are called “whiners” if any protest is made about how the Clinton’s are treated. Anyone who dares not vote for Obama, let alone criticize him, is now labeled a racist by the media.

I do have to say, that the Clinton’s have shown courage above and beyond the call of duty. How hard it must be to face the media every morning, never knowing what will happen. This has been happening for years, and I am sure it takes a very strong person, to face that everyday.

So, it seems the media is out to decide who our next president may be. They have dug themselves so far into this mess, it is impossible to see daylight. The media has not followed up on bad press for Obama (unless they have no choice). In turn, making him look like the messiah they believe him to be. So, if that be the case, if indeed that does happen, my intention is to place the majority of blame where it belongs, on the media.

But the sad reality of all this is, if Obama gets the nomination, then what? He will be a nominee that was encouraged and uplifted by the media. A nominee, that may not be the best for the country as a whole. And the worst case scenario, as a media made President.




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