Obama’s Redistrobution of Weath..We Now Know What Change means..

It appears the true colors are showing, finally.  According to Obama, Jefferson, Adams, & all the founding fathers of the United States got it wrong.  They should have taken from all of us, and gave to those who were disavantaged.  So, the writers of the consititution were wrong.   This is not about, if we need retrobutions, this is about how to do it.  There could not be a more accurate statement. I honeslty think we should help all poverty stricken people, but it should be VOLUNTARY, not MANDATORY> This is socialism at the purest form.  We, the tax payers, will pay the bill to distrute our tax dollars to all in america.  This video is a warning to all who think a Obama presidency and a SUPER democratic congress, will do.  I have to ask, are we ready to give up our republic?  

The Change he has promised is Socialism, or Maxism.  The United States has always prided itself on democracy, from the birth of this country.  The very thought, of this coming to a end is appalling.  However, this plan has been in the works for a long tme.  The Left wing and the Democratic Socialist part of this country, are planning on destroying, what so many americans died to defend. 

Here is a qote from His Book, I thought might go nicley with his and Rev. Wrights idea.

Black politicians less gifted than Harold discovered what white politicians had known for a very long time: that race-baiting could make up for a host of limitations. Young leaders, eager to make a name for themselves, upped the ante, pedaling conspiracy theories all over town-the Koreans were funding the Klan, Jewish doctors were injecting black babies with the AIDS virus. It was a short cut to fame, if not always fortune; like sex, or violence on TV, black rage always found a ready market. Barack Obama. – Dreams from My Father (Chapter Chicago, Pg 203. 1995. 2004.)

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