Even Jesus Doesn’t Charge Admission

Even Jesus Doesn’t Charge Admission

Followers of Obama, seem to think he can walk on water. I for one do not. A few weeks ago, when our caucus was taking place, our city was visited by both presidential democratic candidates.

The lines to see Hillary were long, and it was cold and snowy. The people waited hours to see her. But the Obama supporters, did not have to stand in any lines.

Why? The reason was simple, Obama ran a add in our local paper announcing his arrival. Like Jesus riding his donkey into Jerusalem, only with one catch. In order to have the privilege of seeing him, you simply bought a ticket.

That’s right, for a small price of a concert ticket, you could get to see the “messiah”. Needless to say, alot of people were offended, that he had the arrogance to charge admission.

This explains the large amount of money his campaign is bringing in. This also explains why he speaks to very large crowds. More people, more ticket sales.

I find this completely unethical, and refused to buy a ticket to see him. This has not been talked about on any news media, that I have seen. The question I ask is why? Why has this been completely ignored? Obama is not a “rock star” or Messiah as some think. He is just a man, so why does he think he should sell tickets to see him?

Even our current president, does not charge admission when he speaks. And I am sure Jesus himself didn’t charge admission. But if you want good entertainment then by all means, buy a ticket to a Obama show. But remember that’s what your buying a “ticket to a show”. Its entertainment, that he offers, no different than waiting “madam butterfly“.


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