We’ll Remember In November

We’ll Remember In November

The plight handed to the average American women, over the last 232 years has been a long traveled road. But every few years, sexism raises its ugly head. It is then, that women have to stand up for what is right, and what is wrong. It seems the only time we can do this, is in time of crisis. The stolen nomination of Hillary Clinton, brings all this to the surface once again.

This time we need a different form of feminism, one that transforms us into action. This action must be taken to ensure a victory in the reformation of the DNC and voters rights. This will ensure (or at least attempt to stop voter fraud).

It is my belief that a large coalition of women, can achieve many things. This was never more apparent than in the very early days of the Victorian women’s movement.

Today, the core values have not changed. All we ask for is what is fair, and right, nothing more. We must all take a stand, and say ” We’ll remember in November“. As I think we will, the clear injustice of the DNC and the Media towards women, and Hillary was apparent.

Any real woman’s movement is dangerous. From the beginning it exposed the male power structure in all its hypocrisy. Its very existence and long duration were proof of massive large-scale inequality in a system that pretended to democracy.

This was a quote used during the time of the Civil War, for women’s rights. This statement seems to ring true today, just as it did then.

The only difference is that is was not just men, who stole this election. It came from a place deep inside our own party. This is a new kind of women’s movement, one not against men, but against the new democracy. This new DNC is not good for this country. It is controlled by some of the most corrupt figures in our society.

In order to fight this foe, we must stand up and let them all know…”We’ll remember in November”. In order to show this, I have made phone calls, sent emails and told Howard Dean, he will not see anyone contributions from me. But, in order for this to accomplish anything, Americans must show a strong support.

In other words, there must be a effect to show a effect. We must let as many know as we can that in November, we will not forget and fall in line.

And that “We’ll Remember in November”!!!!!

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