The Day After The Death Of Democracy (Update)

The Day After The Death Of Democracy (Update)

The Day After The Death Of Democracy (Update)

Thanks to renaissancelady48 for letting us post this!

Like many others I cried real tears, I cried my heart out because last night I witnessed the utter destruction of democracy in this country. Obama is president elect, a false messiah with tendency to pathological narcissism. He must be worshiped by the masses, he has created a cult of personality.

He didn’t get where he is today legally. As is the custom of all Chicago politicians he bent every rule. And his every illegal action was swept under the rug, never punished. He removed security measures from his donation site to allow foreign money into his campaign coffers. He took advantage of every loophole in the FEC laws with no consequences. He cheated his way to the presidency.

I for one will always see him as the illegitimate successor to Bush. An unvetted and inexperienced tool for Reid, Pelosi, Dean and all the other members of the un-Democratic Party. The same party that left me behind. The same party that beat democracy to death this year. Webster’s and all the other dictionaries should just erase that word because it no longer exists.

Obama’s ascendancy to the highest office in the land has exposed all the weaknesses in the election laws in all 50 states. It has also exposed the unwillingness of the Department of Justice and the Federal Election Commission to do anything about Obama’s crimes and there are many. The glaring reason for the inability to do anything is their partisanship. I do contend that the DOJ and FEC have a wanton disregard for the laws.

As the real anguish and grief begin to reach an absolute feverish pitch, we must vow to regain our democracy for the sake of all peoples even if they were foolish enough to be fooled by the most corrupt and illegal candidate produced since Watergate. And looking back Watergate was nothing compared to the potential Obama-gate. We must work hard to throw Democrats and Republicans out of Congress during the mid-term elections.

Here is my list of actions which will assist with working through the stages of grief.

!. Election Reform in all 50 states. The language of the law must not allow any loopholes to exist. The law will have specific language including voter id for all voters. In regards to punishment it will be awarded. Heavy fines and jail time. No excuses.

2. Eliminate the Electoral College once and for all. This reform though it would change the structure first put in place by our founding father’s does not accurately reflect the American populace today. This type of a sweeping would level the playing field as well.

3. Federal Election Commission. There must be serious reform with in the campaign finance laws. McCain/Feingold did not go far enough. It must address donations via the Internet. The language must clearly state that all security measures must remain in place for credit card donations. The FEC panel must be non-partisan. It is not at this time. Changes need to address FEC filings. The language must state that changes to FEC filings may not be made. It must also state that any changes to FEC filings is done under penalty. These penalties must include heavy fines and jail time. No exceptions.

4. The Republican Party and Democratic Party. These parties are both seriously divided and broken. They have been unable to unite in any firm manner to make this country their first priority. The Democratic Party is beyond reform especially since it is now largely an Obama run organization. The Republican Party is much like the the Democratic Party, they have done very little to advance the needs of the country and its populace. It is time for a new party. It must be non-partisan, a true Independent Party. It will take a great deal of work for us to get recognized in all 50 states but it is a priority. For the first time in my life I have to admit there is no fixing the two party system. It is damaged beyond repair.

Now that I have outlined my ideas it is time for all those who have been so devastated by the election of Obama to lead this land, we must come together. We must no longer accept the status quo. We must form that third party, a party of the people, truly non-partisan and begin to build our power base. It will be a long fight. We must do it or there will never be true reform in DC.

And four years from now we will truly wonder what happened to the awe we feel each time we see the flag waving so smartly in the wind or on the bow of a Naval vessel when they have returned home from protecting our freedom. We will wonder what happened to our country and why our reputation is tarnished once again. It will be tarnished because we the people selected a man who wants to pull troops from the current wars, once again abandoning people we said we would help. Once more we will break our promise. And for once our collective heart will break because we will no longer be that ‘”super power”, we will be lower than pond scum. History will not be revised, it will be a repeat of yesterday in far away lands and one of those lands is Afghanistan….

Update: Post-Mortem For The Democratic Party

From Cece:

My proposed idea is to hold vigils or funerals throughout the U.S. (and abroad, if JSND members are inclined) on a set day and at a specific time. We would memorialize the death of the Democratic Party, eulogize the party, etc. We could also try to secure some private land (via members) to have bonfires to burn voter registration cards marked democratic (fake that we would provide in the event that it is illegal to burn such cards) and effigies if desired. Members could video tape and record the events for press release or a compilation of the days events for distribution to media outlets.

We may well be served to have only a small number involved in a “stealth operation” to coordinate the activities before informing the public and then, the media of our activities. We may wish to coordinate this for a date close to the inauguration, such as January 17th or 18th.

In summary, we would have a concrete means by which to display our displeasure with the whole election process and the Democratic Party as a group with the opportunity to announce our plans for the future.

Please let me know your opinion. Thank you for fighting the GOOD FIGHT!

“It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate and tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” -Samuel Adams

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  1. joy said,

    February 23, 2009 at 10:41 pm

    CECE this was written so beautiful and with so much meaning. We really need to get organized and go farther than just blog postngs. There are millions of heartbroken Americans over this illegal farce.

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