Politics- The split of the Dem’s

Politics- The split of the Dem’s

First of all, let me begin by saying I have been a lifelong Democrat. Never once have I voted for anyone without a “D” beside their name. But this years election is very different from any that have come before. It is a historic election, in so many ways. As a young child, my parents always said that I could do anything I wanted. And now, with a women and a black man running for president. Those words have finally rang true.



However, with change comes conflict. And there could not be much more conflict than we have seen within the party itself. It seems that we, as a party are doing it to ourselves. Caught up in the moment, some have seemed elated by the charismatic Obama. But it appears that’s all it is , charisma. A sheep in wolves clothing so to speak. This was never more apparent than after hearing Rev. Wright’s speeches. It is my belief that no one can sit in a chair and listen to such racism and not either agree or be affected by it in some way.



Many supporters have turned a blind eye to the clear contradiction’s of Obama’s speeches. After the scandal began, Obama stated, “I could no more disown my white grandmother, than my paster”. But then later, when it was clearly politically correct, he did denounce him.



Many Dem’s have threatened to either not show up or vote for McCain. The news media does not take this threat seriously, and say they are angry and will calm down and come together once we have a nominee. I think they are gravely mistaken. This contest has been very personal for alot of voters, and they are angry. But it is not out of anger that they say this, its because they truly believe this country is on the wrong track. Heading on a collision course so to speak.



The dem’s have waiting a long time to fill the white house. But now, it seems they have almost handed the white house to John McCain. They bad part is they don’t seem to know this, most white’s will not vote for Obama in a general election. Is this based on race? I do not think so. At least not for white voters, it is clear 90% of the votes for Obama are coming from black Americans. But, he also has white supporters. Most of the conflict has come about due to Obama himself, or the company he keeps.



You cannot win the white house without states like Ohio, Pa, or Texas. Could all this lead to a split in the party? In my opinion, it could. How good it would be for the country, I am not sure. But even if this happens it will still split the vote, and land McCain in the white house. So we have now set ourselves up for a lose- lose situation.


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