A Soldiers Letter – Recanted…..

A Soldiers Letter – Recanted…..


Today, I am witnessing the slow death of Freedom Of Speech.  This right is being dwindled away, like chips of a stone.  My post A Soldiers Letter, from last week has caused many problems for the soldier who wrote the letter.  The letter has been recanted, due to pressure from his superior officers, and the Obama camp. It is a sad day in America, when we cannot speak out as citizens.   The writer of the letter, stated it was meant, only for his family.  I understand that point of view, but what I do not understand is how can we, as Americans, tolerate such suppression.  


Native Americans know exactly what it is like, to have no say.  We and our ancestors have been there.  We have silently watched our heritage and culture slowly destroyed, before our very eyes.  Suppression of our culture, language and religion were dwindled away, until many exist no more.   


The clear lack of caring from Obama, was never more apparent, than his last trip to Europe.  It shows his true self, speaking to large crowds, without the slightest care of any of our service members.  This trip was propaganda, in the purest form.  Photos were taken, and the suppression of truth ran rapid.  I believe the soldiers letter was from the heart, and truthful.  


However, it did not show the image Obama wanted us to see.  This election is more about images than we notice.  The right photos can be remembered long after the words.  For Example, I think almost everyone remembers the photo of JFK in the car seconds before he was shot, or Hitler speaking to large crowds.  Or the tanks in China, rolling down the streets.  But does anymore remember the words, I doubt many do.



The question we must now all ask ourselves, is if Obama does not care enough to visit wounded service members, what makes any of us think we will be important?   The answer to me is quite clear, we will not.   Not only will Native Americans be at the bottom of his concerns, so will all Americans.   Words, are just that, words.  Easily forgotten in the moments in time.   


Think Before you vote..



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