Native Americans Against Obama- The Socialism Experiment

The day before.. it’s happening

The day before.. it’s happening

I have to begin by saying, over the past few months, I had hoped tomorrow would never come. But it is nearly upon us, and now I have mixed feelings. First, what might have been, is what bothers me today. All the media is calling this day, a historic event. I agree with that statement, but in a different light. Historically, Obama becoming president is a first, and it has nothing to do with the color of his skin. He will be the first American who is sworn in who may not be qualified according to our consititution. There is still no clear answer where he was born and IF he is really a true American. Tomorrow should have been a proud day for many democrats, however, I see it as a sad day. The day democracy as we know it will die.

This is even sadder for many of us who are Native American. There are many reasons for this, The one that comes to mind first is the fact that our people where so serverly treated, to estabish this democracy. Only to see it destoryed, because of lies and half truths. Our people were killed, our land stolen so America could become America. Now, after hundreds of years, a wolve in sheeps cothing has won this land. Or should I say stolen? Tomorrow the circle will be complete, and it is a shame that some did not see it coming. I feel sad for them, for they are truley blind.  On this ingaration eve, many are optomistic, I wish I could be.  But, knowing that socialism will be upon us, it is though this “great experiment” has finally failed. 

So, as many in our nation celebrate, I along with many others do not.  Many Indian nations government are forms of socialism, and as we all know, it has not worked out well.  You only have to look to the past to see the future. 

 Below, I have included some letters from children to the new “hope”. What makes these letters so sad, is that these children have hope in the new admistration. May the great spirt bless them.

Dear Mr. Obama,

My name is Christopher. I live in a brick house. All my family needs is food. Whenever I get home and I’m hungry I cannot find anything. We can’t go anywhere because we always have no gas to drive. My mama voted for you, Obama, because we are a big fan. When you won we went crazy. I would want you to take away guns so our people don’t have to die.




Dear Mr. Obama,

My name is Shanyah. I am 11 years old. I have a three-year-old sister who is mean to me. Mr. Obama, thank you for running for president.. You are the first black president we ever had. I live in a trailer so please Obama send me and my mom some money for clothes, bills, and a new house with running water and electric. This is what my house looks like on the inside: It only has one room. I don’t have a room, I have to sleep on the floor. Outside it’s purple, with a tire on top. It’s torn, ruined, just out of shape. Give me a call if you would like to help us.



Dear Mr. Obama,

Hello, my name is Clarence. Our school is broke. Please give us money. We kids are in need of books. I would like some new computers and a gym. We all told everybody to vote for you. I think we deserve some credit.



Dear Mr. Obama,

Hi, my name is Keanu. I am 11 years old and I will be 12 on December 13th. I’m a Navajo. My clans are the Mexican clan and I was born for Towering House clan. My house is a trailer that my uncle used before he moved to Flagstaff. He used it after my grandparents. I would like to thank you for stopping wars. What my family needs is some money because we are poor and my dad is healing from a heart attack. We need money to get some food because most of it goes to my dad. We are having problems because of the gas prices.





Spend Inauguration Day Supporting the Western Shoshone and the Freedom of Native Religions and Human Rights

Action Alert (this is NOT a press release, press release will be sent shortly)

As the Martin Luther King human rights weekend and on the Inauguration Day of President Barrick Obama, the 44th President of the United States, approach, we at the Western Shoshone Defense Project ask the support of everyone to assist us in opposing the continuing Human Rights violations of the Western Shoshone People and their lands.

Just two months ago, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management approved the construction of a massive open pit cyanide heap leach gold mine on the face of well-known spiritual area, Mt. Tenabo. Western Shoshone communities, the Western Shoshone Defense Project and Great Basin Resource Watch are seeking an injunction to stop further destruction of Mt. Tenabo by Barrick Gold Corporation. The Federal Court in Reno has scheduled a hearing on Jan. 20th and 21st.

WHAT YOU CAN DO AS WE AWAIT THE COURT’s DECISION: We need supporters at both of the following locations:

1. Attend the Public Demonstration to Protect Native Spiritual Areas and Human Rights in front of the Courthouse on S. Virginia Street beginning at 8 am on both Jan. 20th and 21st.

2. Attend the Mt. Tenabo encampment and Arbor Vigil beginning tomorrow, Thursday Jan. 15th and lasting through the following week of hearings at the gathering area on the Southeast flank facing Grass Valley, Nevada. (Contact wsdp@… for directions and supplies needed).

3. We also need people to write requests to President-elect Barrack Obama and his transition team. This destruction of Indigenous spiritual areas must stop now and a commitment to good faith talks with the Western Shoshone must be made.

4. Make a donation to support our work. Make checks payable to : SGF/WSDP. Send to: PO Box 211308, Crescent Valley, NV 89812.

Addresses and talking points are attached below, please do what you can – we need all the help we can get.

Background: Barrick Gold Corporation is the world’s largest gold company and operates mainly on Indigenous lands for the extraction of gold. This company has refused to accept its social responsibility to protect Indigenous peoples’ land, sacred areas, water, and air pollution. Barrick has carried out many violations of Human Rights, and abusively opposed the struggle of Indigeous lands and people. Barrick is now beginning construction of an open pit cyanide mine directly on Mt. Tenabo – a Western Shoshone spiritual and cultural area. Shoshone opposition to this mine has been ongoing and has gained global attention. Barrick has failed to recognize these concerns and has instead attempted to divide the Shoshone people, giving money and gifts to the communities, and using its media channels to state that all the people are happy and are supportive of their operations. The time is critical now as Barrick has already received full approval from the U.S. Dept. of Interior and has begun ripping out the pinyon forest and digging the pit to create its “Cortez Hills Expansion Mine”.

This mine will cause permanent destruction of the cultural and spiritual practices of the Western Shoshone. Mt. Tenabo has been, and continues to be, used by Western Shoshone people as a central part of their religious practices and world view. Western Shoshone visit the mountain and the valley below (the location of the mine pit) for prayer ceremonies, gathering of sacred plants, fasting, and vision quests, among other uses. The Mountain also contains Western Shoshone gravesites. All of these values and uses will be destroyed by the Project. In addition, the massive pumping of groundwater will likely dry up sacred springs and streams on and around Mt. Tenabo.

No big mining project in Nevada has ever been denied by the United States. This is one must be stopped.

Again, we need your help to tell Barrick to to stop presenting false information to the media making the Shoshone people and the violations of this mine to the lands and sacred areas invisible to the public. At this time we need your support to stop mining at Mount Tenabo and to tell the U.S. there must be a full review of the human rights violations of the Shoshone people. We ask for your support in this urgent case which has common elements with indigenous peoples and mining abuses around the world. Thank you for supporting the Western Shoshone Defense Project.

Some important talking points to consider in your Request:

? The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (Decision 1/68) has specifically raised concerns regarding the mining threat to Mt. Tenabo. The United States is in further violation of this Decision in approving this project – the Obama administration needs to understand this now before taking office.

? The Bush administration has strong connections to the mining industry and this decision approving the “Cortez Hills Expansion” before the new administration comes in is highly questionable.- President Obama should demonstrate the change he is committed to and respect Western Shoshone spirituality and the need to stop this destructive project and uphold the human rights and Treaty rights. Request that the Obama Team meet immediately with Western Shoshone representatives to investigate further the human rights violations.

? Barrick is well-aware of the concerns and the Mt. Tenabo mine proposal has been specifically criticized by the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

The details of the mine would:

? Disturb 6,792 acres of land, including a heap leach and waste rock facilities.

? Blast the new Cortez Hills mine Pit approximately 900 feet in length, 6,400 feet in width, and a maximum depth of 2,200 feet.

? Pump groundwater from around the pit with an average dewatering rate of approximately 1.8 billion gallons per year for ten years.

? Create a drop in the water table of 1,600 feet surrounding the pit, decreasing to 10 feet at a 3-4 mile radius of the pit.

? Potentially impact 50 springs and seeps in the area.

? Of the 11 non-Cortez Gold Mine water rights impacted, only one is expected to recover fully within 100 years after dewatering ceases


President-elect Barrack Obama – Needs to demonstrate his commitment to change and meet with traditional Western Shoshone immediately to investigate the human rights situation.

Type in your info and your request directly to the Transition Team at:

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