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“Saving Our Constitution”
432 Logan Ct.
King, NC 27021
(336) 983-7655




I am contacting you today on behalf of the Democratic Disaster Organization, a rapidly growing, successful grassroots movement, to ask you to PLEASE DONATE MONEY. We want to ensure that the Constitutional requirements to run for President are enforced. We believe that the Constitution is the foundation for all our laws: that we must be a nation ruled by law and not “Who one knows”, or “how much money I donated to a candidate” or the whims of the fleeting moment. We are engaged in a struggle to stop the destruction of our Constitutional Republic.

The 2008 election has been very troubling to me, as so much information about our President-elect has been hidden from the voters. Senator Obama’s vault birth certificate, medical, college records, etc., have NOT been made available to the people. All other Presidential candidates made this information available.

Instead of producing his records, Mr. Obama has spent many thousands of dollars in legal fees to keep them hidden. Why? What motivation would Senator Obama have for doing this?

The mainstream media has ignored the mounting evidence questioning Mr. Obama’s qualifications under the Constitution. Further, what little that has been provided by the Obama Campaign appears to be highly suspect and questionable such as, but not limited to, the electronic Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth that appeared on Senator Obama’s official campaign website and has been shown by a forensic scientist to be “doctored.” Then there is the’s website that makes false and misleading claims. Factcheck failed to examine the original vault copy of Senator Obama’s birth certificate; they only examined an “official copy” of a Certificate of Live Birth. Yet they claimed that the vault birth certificate was “for real.”

The FACT is that no one has had the opportunity to look at the original vault birth certificate, even the Supreme Court of the USA. There has been no team of document forensic scientists who examined the vault birth certificate for authenticity. Senator Obama has demanded that no one be allowed to look at this vault birth certificate under penalty of criminal prosecution. The ONLY way to see it is by Court Order.

The mainstream media has also ignored the numerous legal cases being filed from all over the United States asking Senator Obama to prove his eligibility for the Presidency.

I joined Democratic-Disaster to make sure the Constitution is honored. I wanted to make a difference. I hope you feel the same way. We have contacted the Electors in all the states and asked them to join us in a class action suit to determine Mr. Obama’s eligibility to be President. We have had favorable replies. The Electors have “standing” before the Courts.

If you feel as we do, please go to our website at:

If you have any questions before making a donation, feel free to contact:

Dr. Douglas W. Schell
Chair of Democratic Disaster
432 Logan Ct.
King, NC 27021
Phone: 336-983-7655

Your financial support and prayers will be greatly appreciated. If you wish to join this effort, please e-mail Dr. Schell at: or you may make a donation on paypal at:…ton_id=1561744

or use the form below to enclose a check in the return envelope.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

For Constitutional Government,


Enclosed is my check to support the efforts of Democratic Disaster in upholding our Constitution.

___________________________ Please make check payable to:

___________________________ DEMOCRATIC DISASTER

City, State, Zip


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