NARA- Native American Heritage Day


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  1. Angel said,

    November 29, 2008 at 6:41 am

    Kwai,Hello,I just signed up on your YaHooGroup- and received my 1st Newsletter from NARA- so have not had a chance to see if you may have already addressed this (sorry if you already have):
    Is this November 28,2008= Native American Heritage Day. Which was H.J.Res.62 signed into law on October 8,2008 By Pres.G.W.Bush—2 questions:
    #1)is this now permanent Law Forever = as-long-as-there-is-a-USA we will have our Native American Heritage Day – or is this just a one time this year only for This Friday Nov 28, 2008?
    #2)is the day to Be the day/Friday after Thanksgiving or November 28th every year?

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