Update On Pine Ridge Snowstorm

Pine Ridge Update

I wanted to thanks everyone for your help so far, I did get this email this morning. Yesterday, I was at the univeristy here, load supplies to take. The students helped alot, from this email I see more is still neeeded, and will be going and getting the things most needed. I sent all donations so far for propane, but now will get the things here needed.  For the next few days, I will buy these supplies, for those who wnat you can send them to this address below or I will take all donations I get and buy as much as possible, so if you can’t send them you can donate through this site, and I will be sending them.  You can also buy heaters for $20.00!  Send one to keep a family warm!  You can get these directly from amazon.

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Here is the info I got, and it it reputable. Here is the copy.

I have just received this reply from an email friend. I have deleted
her email addy and name (except for initials). This is the latest
info I have.
…Churches of any denomination should be willing to help…we know
the mainstream media will not even address this issue, but WE can
make sure they know about it and demand they report on it…people
are dying, it doesn’t matter what race…they need our help.
I will let you know as I receive any further information.

Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2008 20:42:50 -0600
I have received info from Lakota, Ogala Sioux. It is bad. There are
over 1900 power poles down, no electricity, no firewood, running out
of propane, There are snow drifts 20-30′ deep in some places making
it virtually impossible to enter the areas with any vehicles much
less on foot.

The National Guard is helping some…and I understand that the Red
Cross may be there.
Here is the address to send either Donations, new blankets, baby
food, diapers, Wet wipes for cleansing, new baby blankets, or food
stuffs that are not perishable. The higher that you go upward the
worse it gets. Hwy # 44 to Wounded Knee to Porpucine, Kyle is very
bad, Wmblee and Katoka are suffering.
These are all in the path of the blizzard.
Sanitary napkins would be very beneficial for someone to send, also
Fat candles.

Vice Chairman of the Ogalala Sioux Tribe
C/O Bob Ecoffey
P O Box 1203
Pine Ridge, SD 57770
(605) 867-5396

My contact doesn’t want his name smeared over the internet, however,
I will tell you that these men flew with him and his crews putting
out the fires there a couple of years ago and these men care about
their people and their lands. They are trustworthy. Fire chief said
that these men named in the address are the best to handle the
incoming packages etc. I would suggest that should anyone want to
send something, that they state which reservation that they want it
go to i. e. Porcupine, Wounded Knee, etc. etc. “B” did send an
overnight check to them for $1,000 so that will help some. They will
have to fly firewood in to them, they cannot get there via road. You
might tell the people that are truly interested in helping where to
send the packages to the address above. It took “B” several days to
get in touch. Some phones are out along with the electricity.

All of the elderly that were in harms way have been moved out and
those that were very sick. All have been accounted for so that is a

Much prayer is needed for the people. This ought not to be in this

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World
War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” Einstein