Pine Ridge Needs Help Now!


Where is the Red Cross?  Where is FEMA?  Where is the National Guard?
The Lakota Reservation in South Dakota has been struck with a huge,
early season snow storm. Elderly people are without propane, there is
a great lack of food, medicine and warm winter clothing.

According tho the president of the Reservation, the State of South
Dakota is doing almost nothing. The roads are still not plowed and
people are dieing.

They need our help in way of wood, propane, warm winter clothing,
food and assistance with plows.

If you are in the area and have the heart to help these folks, go to
the Porcupine School or call 605-867-1111.

If you can, send money, call and get details on arrangements. If you
can send materials, as this is going to be a long winter for the sick
the elderly and the children, the address is

Republic of Lakotah
P.O. Box 99
Porucupine, SD 57772

Winters are brutal in this area, and this one is worse than they can
deal with. Any and all help will be remembered by the people for
their entire lives, and lives is what this is about.

Please, with our Holidays coming, help these people NOW while we can
still help. People are dieing right now.

Feel free to contact John for more information.

John Stroebel
PO 166 Centennial Wyoming 82055

Some startling facts about the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation:

  • 80% unemployment.
  • Poorest county in the USA. Average family income is just $3,700 per year.
  • High rates of alcoholism, heart disease, and cancer.
  • Extremely high rate of diabetes. Almost half of the population over 40 on the Pine Ridge Reservation have diabetes.
  • Life expectancy for men is 48 years.  Life expectancy for women is 52.
  • Highest infant mortality rate in the USA.

NARA will continue to help Pine Ridge, even after this crisis.  We will conitue to do the backpacks for children and take doantions to send to the People.  You can find the backpack project on our website.