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We need your new faxes and phone calls to your two U.S. Senators immediately Monday morning and through the day.

Call Your Senators on this issue:
Free Fax: http://www.numbersusa.com/actionbuffet 

Just as we had seemed to push back attempts for massive increases in foreign workers by the U.S. House, we now learn the danger has risen to Orange Alert level in the Senate.

We had counted on Republican Senators to agree to stand up to the blackmail of Sen. Menendez that we’ve been telling you about for the last month. (Read background in my previous blogs.) Sadly, we have learned that an undetermined number of Republican staffers are now plotting with Menendez (D-N.J.) to increase foreign workers during a time of rising American unemployment.

Menendez — you may recall — has put a hold on re-authorization of the E-Verify on-line program that keeps illegal aliens out of jobs.

He has been saying he will let the Senate vote to keep the program going IF the Senate will also add hundreds of thousands more permanent immigrants. Our understanding has been that Senate Majority Leader Reid (D-Nevada) was ready last week to over-rule Menendez and bring E-Verify to the floor. And it looked like Reid was willing to do it without adding extra foreign workers.

Then at the end of the week, several Republican staffers seem to have re-opened the whole thing to add foreign workers, apparently to satisfy the demands of special interest lobbyists.

Nothing but overwhelming faxing and phoning from their constituents will spare us from this catstrophe.

Get your talking points and phone numbers from the Action Notes on your Action Buffet corkboard.


While voices are raised behind closed doors in the Senate to give away hundreds of thousands more jobs to another round of imported foreign workers, consider these stunning statistics:

  • In August, 592,000 additional Americans were added to the official unemployment rolls.
  • Total number of Americans who are officially unemployed, looking for a job and can’t find one? 8.28 million!
  • Current official unemployment rate (highest in 5 years)? 6%
  • Official unemployment rate considerably higher for Hispanic women: 8.7%
  • Rate twice as high for Black American men: 12.3%!It has been hard enough to understand Sen. Menendez’ callous attitude toward these unemployed Americans.

    But can you believe there are others on Capitol Hill who are this out-of-touch?

    Or this ruthless in efforts to appease special interest lobbyists?

    Our message to every Senate office has to be:

    1. No increase in immigration and foreign workers of any kind.

    2. Re-authorize E-Verify without any strings — just like the House did a month ago.

    Friends, Congress will try to get out of town in just two weeks. There will be incredible pressures to pass all kinds of terrible immigration measures for this country. I beg you to watch for our Alerts, to read them and respond to them even if they come daily — even several times a day.

    This next two weeks is a time of dire danger for the nation, and especially for the nation’s unemployed, the nation’s blue-collar and service workers and for the nation’s information technology workers and nurses (as well as students seeking to enter those fields).

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