In Need of help.. Show your Native Pride..

My friend who is Potawatomi landed in a shelter in Nebraska Omaha ,
> due to circumstances. For now he had no choice … anyway he needs
> urgent help for NOW to make his future better !
> long time ago a lady some of you may know ( no I will not tell you
> her name , she will remember…. ..) , she promised help and never
> did… I was sad this happened …
> Anyway , he is a native man and has health issues and being in a
> shelter is not the right place for healing not physically and not
> mentally either……
> I appeal to your hearts my friends ………..
> he is in Nebraska at the moment , he lost a toe and there is an
> infection there … there must be one fellow native outthere who
> help in any way!!!!!
> He is working on things himself too (applications for program among
> some other things ), he is a few years older than me( I am 50) so
> a puppy anymore !
> you can contact him ( he reads his mails at the library in Omaha)
> this email address :
> … (not .com)
> or me at Stitchyus@.. .
> can I say Native Pride here ?
> walk in beauty
> krisje , stitchy


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