Cherokee Mother Flees Police With Her Children to protect them

Jackson County Independence Missouri: 
Please read and forward to all you know, this family needs our support for their safety.!

Shirley Riggs: A Cherokee Woman and Mothers’ Trail of Tears Story In Jackson County Missouri.

Report Page:

First, let me begin by saying that Shirley Riggs, her mother, and I met when they came to a garage sale I was having. I told them what I did with Operation Morning Star. About 2 months later, she returned and asked help concerning her Cherokee heritage. It was in this conversation that she shared her and her children’s  “Nightmare from Jackson County Street” experiences.

I spent a number of quality hours at her home going over all the documents and history of this case in contrast to the local “wannabe” media pundits of flagrant stupidity such as the “legend in her own mind” Betsy Webster from KCTV Channel 5 who reported IGNORANCE on this case.

Now, because she has fled for GOOD REASONS as outlined below, it is on record that the children of Shirley Riggs, when found, will be placed in the home of one who was PRESENT at the SAME HOME where the sexual abuse of Shirley’s children initially took place when she was living there! Say Leslie Riggs. This is what Shirley became aware of and WHY she fled!

Judge Nixon in the example of the history of the United States Government removing Indian Children from their homes and placing them in abusive conditions and among child abusing pedophiles (Catholic Church Style), he gave custody to Albert the Pedophile Riggs and placed her children in the home of the VERY FAMILY containing the “sexual abusers”. 

Also, it is DOCUMENTED that NIXON WAS FULLY AWARE OF THE SEXUAL ABUSE REPORTS CONCERNING RAY AND ALBERT RIGGS! But for whatever “perverted reason”, Nixon did not even hesitate to give custody of Shirley’s children to these deviates and their family! MIND YOU…the children were still with Shirley in Oregon. She had never ever been charged with abuse, neglect, NOTHING in 3 years…but wait…there is a PLAN to do just that by this “porno-pedo promoting/supporting conglomerate of evil” and sanctioned by Judge Stephen Nixon!  So ask yourself, how do you think Shirley Riggs felt when she heard this?

The next thing she knew, the pedophile and sexual abuser Albert Riggs and “wife” then came to Oregon and LEGALLY KIDNAPPED HER CHILDREN thanks to NIXON. And because Shirley knowing what had happened to them before in the home of the Riggs’s…she went to Missouri and RESCUED THEM from the sexual abusers of her children. But she is the CRIMINAL NOW…right? Then Nixon ordered her to be extradited after being arrested and THIS CHEROKEE MOTHER SPENDS SIX MONTHS IN JAIL ONLY BECAUSE SHE WAS PROTECTING HER CHILDREN FROM SEXUAL PREDATORS…LIKE NOW EVEN!

After getting out of the “Jackson County Concentration Camp”, Nixon put on “house arrest” with an “ankle bracelet”. Then he ordered her to participate in mandated “counseling” under children DFS umbrella. REALLY TAKE NOTE OF THIS because this experience REVEALS THE TRUE HEART AND SPIRIT OF THE MISSOURI DEPARTMENT OF FAMILY SERVICES! This “White Western Pro Pedophile Organization” called the DFS then sent her a PRO CHILD PORNOGRAPHIC COUNSELOR to get “psychiatric evaluation counseling” from! 

During the interview, Mr. Sisk, representing the Missouri Department of Child Services, declared that his not quite 3 year old daughter was simply being “normal” when she MASTERBATED on a stuffed animal! (Of course we know that this child was not being coached in any way, that this was “natural” on HER part, and that “daddy” was not sitting next to her having her touch HIS BARE PENIS while watching XXX PORN.

So Judge Nixon and Prosecutor Eason, you need to know why all of this REALLY HAPPENED and take a second look at this case because for YOU to believe and collude with liars and sexual predators has made you as guilty as them and WORSE because YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETER…but it appears that you could care less about this Cherokee woman’s life and that of her children in how you continually and intentionally ruled against her time and again unto her UNJUST incarceration and removal of her children from her and allowing  for the subsequent “genocidal hell” they have suffered at the hands of the NAZI MISSOURI DEAPRTMENT OF DETROY FAMILIES SOCIALIST SERVICES!

In fact, you are no different than the pedophile and sexual abusers in this case and just because you have as friends “DSS” lawyers who you KNOW have conspired against Shirley Riggs and who are in collusion with the very abusers themselves. you are MORE GUILTY!

Report Page:

Jackson County Missouri Information:

Judge Stephen Nixon Office 816-881-4405 Fax 816-881-4692

Prosecutor Cole Eason Office 816-792-5394 Fax 816-792-8267 Email coleeason@…

Patricia Scaglia Phone 816-478-7772 Fax 816-350-2319 Email pmscaglialaw@…

Information From:
Operation Morning Star Richard Boyden operationmorningstar@…



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